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that can be counted

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Let E be a countable subset in [epsilon] such that both [zeta] and [eta] are generated by E.
S := {Z [subset or equal to] S ; Z is a left amenable countable sub-semigroup}.
The Polish translational equivalent morphological forms of fish 'ryba', cod 'dorsz', sheep 'owca', aircraft 'samolot, statek kosmiczny', bread 'chleb', butter 'maslo', luggage 'bagaz', furniture 'mebel', money 'pieniqdz', news 'wiadomosc', information 'informacja', and advice 'rada', are countable in context of usage.
Note C is countable and C [subset or equal to] co(H(C) [union] {0}).
Investigating the relevant data of several languages, we can assert that in the case of countable nouns the marking of number in most languages follows the basic "singular ~ plural" opposition, e.
Public input on child intervention countable sought
He said that they were in strange type of complex and crux as on one hand they were countable to their voters who had given them votes for developmental work and prosperity of areas concerned as well as providing them jobs while on the other hand they had been faced very cold behaviour on behalf of the government in this connection.
Mutlaq also wondered : " Is Prime Minister brought to countable the administrators and security personnel for not intercepted the tank ," adding that make of such statements is a disregard for the minds of all Iraqis , he said.
Provide current income to the healthy spouse for living expenses; anything spent is not countable for the healthy spouse's future Medicaid eligibility.
In each case, V contains a countable linearly independent subset whose image determines the endomorphisms under consideration.
org, it appears that USA Today also overhauled some of these applications to make them countable under the AAM's guidelines.
Subsequent chapters cover countable and uncountable sample spaces, continuous random variables, functions of one and two random variables, conditional probabilities for countable sample spaces and continuous random variables, Bernoulli, geometric and Poisson processes, Brownian motion and white noise, and convergence of random variables.
Toyoda: Approximation of common fixed points of a countable family of nonexpansive mappings in a Banach space, Nonlinear Anal.
The claimant's countable family income must be below a yearly limit set by law.
A space (X, T) is called locally countable (P-space, anti locally countable, respectively) if each x [member of] X has a countable neighborhood (countable intersections of open subsets are open, non-empty open subsets are uncountable, respectively).