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that can be counted

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One option is to take it to claim that the now's existence or being what it is somehow depends on the countability of the before and after in change, e.
A plethora of methods for learning English countability.
I want to replace bureaucratic a countability with democratic account ability.
All that NCLB amounted to, really, was strengthening certain federal ac countability requirements that were already in place, plus the president's Reading First initiative, which helps states and schools adopt research-based reading programs.
the serves to uniquely identify the referent of the NP it occurs in (irrespective of countability or number); it also occurs in set constructions such as The more he eats the less he speaks;
Insofar as our thought about things proceeds by recursively developed linguistic means, it is inherently limited in its reach within the confines of countability.
The adverb takusan 'a lot' may modify almost any NP, irrespective of its animacy or countability.
About" points to Hargraves's excellent discussion not only of that word, but of parts of speech, including countability of nouns and inflections of verbs.
Some of the disadvantages include 1) difficulties in fish identification, particularly for small fish or fish with subtle coloration, 2) the potential for attraction or repulsion of fish from the submersible, 3) variation in countability due to habitat type; for example, due to reduced visibility when the submersible maneuvered off bottom to avoid large boulders, or the failure to detect fish hiding behind boulders, and 4) the limitation of the technique to quantifying the density of benthic species found in close proximity to the bottom.
Special issues on the theme were released in 2001 by "Accounting, Organisation and Society" as well as the "Accounting, Auditing, and Ac countability Journal".
The corporate optimism and positive spins that helped build investor confidence in previous cycles will significantly dampen as companies remain defensive regarding disclosures and heightened corporate countability.