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Or, from zero you can enter a time and push start and it'll count down.
It will calculate how long a person is expected to live and it will even count down to the time of death.
3-prong connector, with built-in count down mechanism and safety feature.
LITTLE Oliver is looking forward to the count down to Christmas.
Users can set the device to count down at any time from 99 hr to 1 sec.
It's the perfect way to count down to Santa's arrival and the charming nativity scene will help teach your kids the real story of Christmas.
net version kicks it into what it calls speed poker -- faster decisions are necessary because a timer is in place in front of each player, as the lights on the table count down the seconds left to raise bets or fold.
The real problem is, no matter how many citizens are unhappy with Bush--more than half of us these days--there isn't really a damn thing any of us can do about it now, except count down the next 30 or so months with increasing impatience.
It's not the count down to the dusty demise of a multi-story office building by implosion.
AS we count down these last couple of days to Christmas we look at what our favourite gay venues in the city have on offer this week.