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someone who has supervisory duties at a summer camp


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someone who gives advice about problems

a lawyer who pleads cases in court

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Simply put, I believe Professional School Counseling, as the flagship journal of the sole national organization devoted to school counselors, should promote the interests and needs of the profession of school counseling.
It is critical that career counselors explicitly work to ensure that clients' concerns are understood within their cultural context to help understand how those differential experiences affect development and career choices (or lack of choices).
Too often counselors get caught up in "problems" and everything that's not going well.
The strong multicultural component of the United States population has prompted the need for counselors to consider multicultural factors when communicating with their clients (Zhang & Dixon, 2001).
It's about time,'' said Gale Jaffe, vice president of the Association of Pupil Service and Attendance Counselors.
Although only 17 percent of schools report that the most emphasized goal of guidance programs is helping students with personal growth and development, counselors are more recently helping children feel safe in their classrooms and school buildings, a job that became more popular, and necessary, in the last decade, studies and experts say.
College admission officers, too, are equally surprised and discouraged when they discover how overloaded counselors in high schools are.
Consultants offer services similar to career counselors and charge roughly the same fee.
Rehabilitation counselors need to prepare students with disabilities for work while they are still in college.
As such, it serves as a useful tool in formatively evaluating counselor education students' early development as culturally competent counselors in relation to two important areas of diversity: race/ethnicity and gender.
While the book is an "easy read," readers should be careful not to rush through but rather to stop and think about what has been said and how it relates to their work as counselors and helpers.
Here, we attempt to convey the flavor of those responses as well as explore what ethicists, geneticists, and genetic counselors think about the same four cases.
Hopes for a swift end to the commercial real estate market downtown remain remote, with no recovery in sight for another three-to-five years, according to the annual member survey of the American Society of Real Estate Counselors, a specialized group of consultants who provide expert, independent real estate advice on property and land-related matters.
The medical school is responding with a new master's degree program -- the only one of its kind in Northern California and one of four in the western United States -- that will train six genetic counselors each year.
Key tools for classroom guidance lessons are included and are accompanied by specific guidelines for how school counselors can implement them.