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Synonyms for counselor

one who advises another, especially officially or professionally

a person who practices law

Synonyms for counselor

someone who gives advice about problems

someone who has supervisory duties at a summer camp


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a lawyer who pleads cases in court

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It is no longer good enough for school counselors to select programs, deliver individual interventions, and run groups based on what seems best or what their instincts tell them.
During this process, it is important for the counselor to question how the individual feels about their past decisions to determine if they are capable of separating their past choices from the values of their current choices (Hartung & Bluestein, 2002; Krieshok, 1998; Phillips, 1997).
If the client reports an issue that is not seen as such by the counselor, it is easy for the counselor to overlook that issue or make culturally insensitive responses.
It is important that the counselor help campers identify what is going well and what is working.
Asian cultural values, attitudes toward seeking professional psychological help, and willingness to see a counselor.
Mason, the Sylmar PSA counselor, put Jaime in a small group for grieving students, fostering his transformation into the school's most-improved student.
And when they experience firsthand the limited access to counselors in their own high schools, they become frustrated and dismayed.
Just as rehabilitation counselors are so helpful through college, they also can aid the student with disabilities to transition to the workforce.
When examined by both gender and race of participants, counselor education graduate students' scores on Factor 1 (i.
Of the adult readers who responded, B percent believed the counselor should explain the low risk of having another child with CF without mentioning the paternity issue.
Conversely, 44 percent of the Counselor indicated that the retail sector would see a recovery in one-to-three years, and 58% said the industrial sector also would recover in one-to-three years.
The job of the genetic counselor is to help patients negotiate what can be a minefield of complex information about their genetic heritage.
This includes counselor efforts tied to improved student outcomes (ASCA, 2004).
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