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Synonyms for counselor

one who advises another, especially officially or professionally

a person who practices law

Synonyms for counselor

someone who gives advice about problems

someone who has supervisory duties at a summer camp


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a lawyer who pleads cases in court

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For instance, if the counselor attempts to engage the client with video conferencing and the client does not have the equipment nor the inclination to pursue this option there may be more than an electrical disconnect.
Why Is it Beneficial to Have Certified Teachers as Lead Counselors and Instructors?
A SCHOOL COUNSELOR can effectively advise 150 to 200 college-bound seniors if the counselor has had them for three or four years.
But it is important for practicing school counselors to have a strong voice in the authorship of PSC articles.
Steps 5 and 6, determination and implementation of culturally appropriate intervention and culturally appropriate decision making, respectively, concentrate on the counselor and client developing specific career counseling strategies to address the client's career concerns.
It is important that the counselor help campers identify what is going well and what is working.
Asian cultural values, attitudes toward seeking professional psychological help, and willingness to see a counselor.
Mason, the Sylmar PSA counselor, put Jaime in a small group for grieving students, fostering his transformation into the school's most-improved student.
And when they experience firsthand the limited access to counselors in their own high schools, they become frustrated and dismayed.
Even though there are a few things my VR counselor could have done to better prepare me to transition to the work force, there are many things he did right.
As such, it serves as a useful tool in formatively evaluating counselor education students' early development as culturally competent counselors in relation to two important areas of diversity: race/ethnicity and gender.
Because of this focus, I believe the book would be most appropriate for rehabilitation counselor educators who want to use it as an additional text for a class, particularly a practicum or internship course, or a counseling theories course.
They tell the genetic counselor they will abort a fetus destined to grow to normal height.
Seventy-five percent of the Society members (designated as CREs: Counselor of Real Estate) who responded to the fourth annual survey indicated no increase in capital flowing into real estate developments and no relief from the prevailing credit crunch.