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The passage of HB 1136 was the result of the collaborative efforts of professional school counselors, school counseling state association leadership, a legislator who strongly supports counselors, and supportive parents within many school communities throughout the state.
In an effort to introduce the ASCA National Model to school counselors, school counseling directors, and administrators in Northern Virginia, two school counseling summits were held.
These presentations have been at state counseling conferences and at half-day workshops.
The Virginia school counseling specialist spoke to school counseling directors about "The State of School Counseling in Virginia.
The School Counseling Leadership Team continues to meet on a regular basis responding to local, regional, and state-level counseling issues.
Closing the achievement gap and helping all students be successful in the academic, personal/social, and career domains are the main reasons that school counseling leadership is needed.
The benefits of participating in a School Counseling Leadership Team are numerous.
The increased communication within the team has benefited counselor education programs, especially pertaining to pre-service training of school counseling students.
Another benefit is the opportunity for the members of such teams to make significant contributions to the school counseling profession.
A state model of school counseling has been initiated as a result of the ASCA National Model and the increased communication throughout the state.
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