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Lewis and Clark College, Graduate School of Education and Counseling, Counseling Psychology Department: Portland, Oregon
Sonoma State University, Counseling Department: Sonoma, California
Actually, school counselors, gifted-education and classroom teachers (Peterson, 2003), and university-based counseling centers serving gifted youth (Colangelo & Assouline, 2000) can provide appropriate services, and parent groups (Webb & DeVries, 1993) can indirectly offer support.
Among several issues related to educating and counseling gifted students, it is important for school counselors to be aware of identification practices, because problems inherent in these may be related to counseling concerns.
Our minimal knowledge base of how cultural processes shape career counseling reflects the assumptions, which undergird many approaches to career counseling, that cultural contexts are not significant in career behavior.
Not acknowledging the perceived or actual constraints of clients' cultural contexts can lead to offering overly simplified solutions to clients' concerns or to offering the "premature solution," a common tendency in multicultural counseling (Ivey, as cited in Pedersen, 1990).
2003) also found that gender differences in counseling needs of students exist.
Section 3, Career Counseling for Clients with Differing Abilities, presents a simple but effective model for describing levels of consumer ability related to the job placement process.
As we do, we can focus on developing ways of working with people in both counseling and discipline situations that will help them more effectively meet their needs.
Other federally funded programs, such as Job Training Partnership' Act (JTPA) programs, are avenues for people who are not actively within the formal rehabilitation setting but want to work in placement counseling settings with people who have disabilities.
Preventing postparchment depression: A model of career counseling for college seniors.
Culturally sensitive counselors enhance the counseling process for Asian Americans/Pacific Islanders.
Check that the organization has the capacity to help you to better your overall financial situation through continuing counseling and education.
The Center for School Counseling Outcome Research was designed to meet these needs, and it has as its mission "improving the practice of school counseling by developing the research base that is necessary for responsible and effective practice" (CSCOR, 2004, [paragraph] 1).
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