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Synonyms for councillor

a member of a council

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It is easy to see you have never loved," replied the councillor, with a look that was pitifully comic; "you are as relentless as article 304 of the penal code.
These words were an exclamation of enthusiasm, elicited from the councillor on catching sight of a wall, the white towers of which glimmered in the distance through the brown masses of the tree trunks.
He would have made you a Councillor of State, for he was a great administrator himself; even to the point of knowing how many cartridges were left in the men's boxes after an action.
Amongst other things they spoke of the middle ages: some praised that period as far more interesting, far more poetical than our own too sober present; indeed Councillor Knap defended this opinion so warmly, that the hostess declared immediately on his side, and both exerted themselves with unwearied eloquence.
Privy Councillor Wurmt, Chancelier d'Ambassade, was rather short-sighted.
Your reports for the last twelve months," State Councillor Wurmt began in his gentle and dispassionate tone, "have been read by me.
Presently they would marry Generals or Kammerherrs and have girls and boys of their own, who perhaps would be aware of him as a celebrated old professor, decorated, possibly a Privy Councillor, one of the glories of Russia--nothing more!
Besides those secret powers which it was universally believed that he exercised in so pitiless a fashion, he was a high public official, a municipal councillor, and a commissioner of roads, elected to the office through the votes of the ruffians who in turn expected to receive favours at his hands.
He's Councillor McGinty, young man," said a voice from the group.
I drink your health Councillor, and to our better acquaintance.
I've a word to say to you, Councillor, about this man.
Now, I'll leave it to you, Councillor, to judge between us as a Bodymaster should.
4 for the General Councillor seat PML-N candidate Abid Hussain Minhas won by getting 434 votes while PTI candidate Mazhar Hussain got 309 votes.
Allegations of misconduct and serious misconduct will be dealt with by independent Councillor Conduct Panels, which will have the power to suspend councillors for up to six months.
Well since we have a Labour mayor; a Labour deputy mayor; every councillor chosen by the mayor to be on his executive a Labour councillor; every chair of every committee in the council is occupied by a Labour councillor, we have Labour MPs here and a Labour police and crime commissioner, how would Councillor Rooney refer to this as - a coincidence?
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