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The rise in council tax will see the Band D precept rise from PS1,011.
Coun Ward said concern about the impact of council tax increases on residents explained why he, along with other local council leaders, had blocked West Midlands Mayor Andy Street from imposing a new PS12-a-year precept on council He said: "The reaction we've got back is that people are becoming more concerned about council tax increases in recent years being not only above inflation, but also being carried out at a time when people have had pay increases well below BIRMINGHAM City Council is to cut its planned council tax rise, after city residents said they were sick of inflation-busting increases.
The headline figures for Band D equivalents are now calculated after taking account of Council Tax Reduction (CTR), which replaced Council Tax Benefit in April 2013.
Each of the seven Labour councillors and one Liberal councillor provided different explan-ations for why they had missed council tax payments - but several have still not answered key questions about whether they voted on council budget matters while they were in council tax arrears - which is not allowed by law.
If you think your council tax bill is wrong you can ask the Valuation Office Agency (VOA) to review it.
Councillors voted to make the cuts in 2016 as the council said it could not afford the means-tested support scheme which subsidises annual council tax bills for the lowest earning households in the city.
It is slowly emerging via statements from leader Sue Jeffrey and director of corporate resources John Sampson that, although the Labour administration will keep its promise in year one, in year two it is preparing to hit our hardpressed residents with at least a 2% council tax hike.
Keiron Ringo Hewitt Ok so I pay PS500 a month in council tax - what the hell am I paying for?
You might be eligible to pay less Council Tax for a property you own or rent that's not your main home.
Under previous Labour/Lib Dem governments, the council tax rose 47 per cent.
In previous years the Welsh Labour Government has received extra money from the Treasury resulting from the English council tax freeze to enable a freeze here in Wales, but Labour Ministers have consistently refused to intervene to stop council tax rising.
Overall, one in five people reporting debt problems to Citizens Advice has a council tax arrears issue and the charity said this problem has now overtaken credit card and personal loan debt to become the number one type of debt that people approach it about.
Summary: Millions of low-income households face a steep rise in their council tax bills from April, according to new findings.
That was the message from new council leader Nick Forbes when he revealed one of his first acts since wining control on Friday was to instruct Newcastle Council's chief executive to prepare for a council tax freeze next year.
SCOTTISH Labour leader Iain Gray will limit council tax rises if the party win next year's Holyrood elections.
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