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a member of a council

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At the same time, another dissenting council member, William May, professor of ethics, emeritus, at Southern Methodist University, was also not renewed.
The $200,000 allocated by Council Member Martinez will be used towards the exterior renovation, including new crown molding, some landscaping and a new entryway.
Purchasing Commodity Council members besides Bishop and Anton are John Mothersole, a non-ferrous-metal expert with Global Insight, Tim Hayes and Lloyd O'Carroll, of Davenport & Company, and Timna Tanners, of UBS Securities.
The decision must have seemed routine to the council members that day, seeing as how they routinely rubber-stamp settlements for political expediency.
Still, some council members came out in support of the stadium this week.
It is our money," said council member Stephen Dibrienza.
New council members deny the allegation, saying Nation funds were used appropriately, and Hilda Manuel, Senior vice president for Empire, categorically denies any impropriety.
Council Member Ognibene is not worried about arguments which may be raised against these bills.
Then the council members can begin to confront the challenges facing the Nation, including protecting Nation businesses, completing the land claim settlement with the State of New York and bringing to fruition the Nation's development agreement with Empire Resorts {NASDAQ:NYNY} which allows for the construction of the Cayuga Catskill Resort at Monticello Raceway.
For Arizona Technology Council members (employers), an online job posting area is now available, where an open position in their organization can be posted for 30 days for only $99 per job posting.
Council Member Barron's resolution asks the City Council to add its support to this compelling case given the physical and sexual violence Ms.
Being a council member is like being the quarterback of a team where you have to bring all these diverse elements together, all while you are trying to respond to constituents and develop some programs.
What excites me is working with a company that is driven by an understanding of users and their needs, and the potential human value of their technology, rather than just their technology per se," said technical advisory council member Bill Buxton.
Driving long-term customer retention is crucial in the retail industry," said Jay Herratti, SVP, E-commerce Strategy and Development, of Federated Department Stores, and a Mainspring, eStrategy Executive Council Member.
The council's description could have been ``more complete, and thus more informative,'' the court observed, ``by noting the measure increased the number of terms a council member could serve from two to three.
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