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a sharp steel wedge that precedes the plow and cuts vertically through the soil

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We singles live empty lives of quiet desperation and will die alone," Coulter (https://twitter.
Jurors were told Downey, 45, and Mr Coulter, 59, lived in separate flats in a property for vulnerable people on Heaton Hall Road, Heaton, Newcastle.
Ever since, her suggestion of a pizza cutter seems about the most basic way to describe the function of a plow coulter.
On Wednesday, his uncle Ronnie Coulter was finally convicted of the murder after an 18-year fight for justice by Surjit's family.
Baylies) Coulter; a son, Glenn Coulter and his wife Dale of Sutton; two grandchildren, Seth and Rebekah Coulter, and two great grandchildren, Abigail and Andrew.
Though Coulter is not a Catholic, the case she makes is, in every way, highly relevant for Catholic understanding too.
Beckman Coulter gains licenses that allow it to offer nucleic acid sequencing as a diagnostic test on its Vidiera NsD and CEQ capillary electrophoresis systems.
Coulter was in the habit of taking time early in the morning to pray and ask God for direction, and had written down, 'You will be in great danger today but you will not be afraid'.
Coulter doesn't understand Levins, either, but that's completely unnecessary for those who write in www.
This year, as we mark the 50th anniversary of the Coulter Principle, a novel method of counting microscopic particles, there is good reason to celebrate the scientific contributions of two intrepid researchers: Wallace and Joseph Coulter.
Actually, conservatives have been doing quite well in the meanness sweepstakes, thanks largely to the impressive efforts of Ann Coulter.
Compared to the standard CX disc coulter system, CX Plus offers a larger diameter disc with greater working pressure, which can achieve better penetration for those working in the toughest conditions,'' said George Randles, Kverneland Group sales manager for Accord.
IN A WORLD OF LARGELY STATIC talking heads, there is no pundit more kinetic than Ann Coulter.
Nov 6: Andrew Coulter, 19, is arrested and charged.
Robert Andrew Coulter, 34, was disarmed by father of two George McCoo as he brandished a loaded assault rifle in a street full of children.