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a unit of electrical charge equal to the amount of charge transferred by a current of 1 ampere in 1 second

French physicist famous for his discoveries in the field of electricity and magnetism

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So, while there is a(n electromagnetic) field around the conductor, the definition of current is the movement of electrons through the conductor, driven typically by coulomb forces.
Baiko used a realistic model of a neutron star crust and the matter found within, which led to his examination of Coulomb crystals.
Customers buying Alfen charging stations will be able to access all of the deployment proven functionalities of the ChargePoint Network service plans,' said Pat Romano, president and CEO at Coulomb Technologies.
Subscribers accessing the Coulomb ChargePoint Network sign-up for the charging service subscription plan via an online subscriber portal at mychargepoint.
0] is the pre-scission total kinetic energy; CE is the Coulomb interaction energy between fragments;
2]/[beta] is the Coulomb correction usually absorbed in the standard Fermi function, F(Z, [E.
Installation of more than 25 miles of steel tube umbilicals on the NaKika and Coulomb projects in a single vessel campaign will make this the most complex and challenging work scope ever undertaken in up to 7,600 feet if water.
Este es, en sintesis, el diagnostico que se desprende de un proyecto presentado a la jefa del Gobierno del Distrito Federal, Rosario Robles, por el presidente del Fideicomiso del Centro Historico, Rene Coulomb, quien, para enfrentar los males de esa area de la capital del pais sugiere la creacion de un organo administrativo desconcentrado que dote al Centro Historico de condiciones de "gobernabilidad democratica" que garanticen un proceso de regeneracion y desarrollo integral "mas fuerte y duradero".
The latest version of Coulomb employs an intuitive GUI and geometric modeler, an extremely powerful solver, and a wide range of rich post-processing options.
Coulomb has launched a new service designed to enable web sites to charge for MP3 downloads of individual music tracks over the telephone avoiding credit card security worries.
Coulomb Technologies, Inc, the leading electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions provider today announced it has partnered with National Grid and others to extend Coulomb's ChargePoint[R] Network throughout New York State with the installation of more than 160 charging ports.
include a programmable discharge alarm threshold, an IAOC interface for accessing coulomb count and device programming, a power good output, and eight selectable peak input currents.
Most of the leading researchers in the electrostatics of soft material gathered for the 2012 CECAM workshop in Toulouse, and the editors seized the opportunity to organize a new compendium of the state of the art in Coulomb fluids.
Auto Business News-November 18, 2011--Nissan North America Inc selects Coulomb Technologies ChargePoint(R) Network(C)1994-2011 ENPublishing - http://www.