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Assessing the laryngeal cough reflex and the risk of developing pneumonia after stroke.
Patients with silent aspiration are in a higher risk group for the development of pneumonia or complications because the lack of cough reflex reduces patient, family, and hospital staff awareness that aspiration is occurring.
Robitussin DM(R)) combined with effective nutraceutical ingredients that sedate the cough reflex, such as Elderberry, black cherry bark, or slippery elm in a pharmaceutically acceptable base.
This is because of its impressive action on the sensory endings of the vagus nerve, which controls the cough reflex.
Responsible protective mechanisms in the respiratory tract include the cough reflex, ciliated respiratory epithelium, and the immunoglobulin secretory IgA.
By digging deeper, I can ascertain why their cough reflex is hypersensitive.
Individuals with a weak cough reflex are at increased risk of pneumonia and of choking.
In addition, the outcome measurements did not include objective assessment of cough such as measurement of cough reflex sensitivity.
A videofluoroscopic swallow examination demonstrated a delayed and inconsistent cough reflex, evidence of silent aspiration, and pooling of secretions in the valleculae and piriform sinuses.
BioSelect is seeking intellectual property protection for six products comprising its new CoCare[TM] product line, including formulations to treat nasal and sinus congestion, acid reflux, cough reflex, allergy and cold relief, pain relief and symptoms of immune response triggered by viruses, bacteria and allergens.
A cough can be caused by anything that irritates the respiratory airways enough to set off the protective cough reflex.
Subsequently, sensory nerves trigger a cough reflex.
We are pleased to introduce Clofera to temporarily control the cough reflex, therefore reducing the intensity of coughing with a product that is free of narcotic effects.