cough drop

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a medicated lozenge used to soothe the throat

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The Swiss Herb Legacy of Ricola More than 80 years ago, Ricola discovered that creating the perfect blend of the earth's best herbs can ultimately result in an effective and great tasting cough drop.
is currently accepting offers to acquire the assets of a leading manufacturer of contract manufactured, branded and private label cough drops, mints and candies.
The Original Herb Cough Drop was first produced in the early 1940's, and remains the best selling Ricola product today.
Cadbury Adams USA "firsts" include the first cough drop with a soothing syrup center (Halls Plus(R)), vanilla pellet gum (Dentyne Ice(R) Vanilla Chill(TM)), sugar free pellets with two contrasting flavors in every pack (Trident Strawberry fusion flavor), soft-chew gum with intense breath-freshening power (Dentyne Fire(R) Cinnamon Spice and Dentyne Ice(R) Cool Frost), and the first center-filled pellet gum in the US (Trident Splash(TM)).
Be prepared by stocking up on HALLS cough drops, tissues, soup, hand sanitizer, vitamins and fever reducer while you're still healthy.
The 'first' cough drop was created in 1847 by James Smith of Poughkeepsie, NY whose two sons, William and Andrew, inherited the growing business in 1866 when it officially became known as Smith Brothers.
One in three people (33%) say they offer a cough drop when around someone who has a cough or cold.
the global leader in innovation software and services, to optimize and test a concept for a dual-action cough drop.
Coming soon to your gut: a video camera the size of a cough drop that you swallow.
A couple minutes later, he comes back to the table and pops in a cough drop.
I, Cefixime 200mg+ Dicloxacilline 500mg + Lactic Acid Bacillus 90MillionSpores-Tab Qty-3000, Cefpodoxime 200mg + Clavulanic Acid 125mg-Tab Qty-1000, Paracetamol 500mg + Phenylephrine I0mg + Chlorpheniramine 2mg + Caffeine 30mg - Tab Qty-5000, Ivermectin 12mg+A lbendazole 400mg Qty-500, Vicks Cough Drop Qty-10000, Vicks Veporub 5 gm Qty-200 Pcs, Diclofenac Spray 78.
No player can take anything, not even a cough drop, without it being approved by the doctor.
The school board identifies the inhaler and cough drop as "drugs" and therefore the generous and heroic students are deemed "drug traffickers.
Who can doubt the significant contribution given to us by those bearded medical entrepreneurs of the past, the Smith Brothers, of cough drop fame?