cough drop

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a medicated lozenge used to soothe the throat

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The once ubiquitous image of the bearded Smith Brothers on a box of cough drops might be the latest product and best known of Lanes Brands (formerly Jakemans Inc.
The use of any form of cough drop in a young child should be discouraged.
In my view, the use of any form of cough drop in a young child should be discouraged.
Cough drops can be used by children six and older who understand not to swallow or chew cough drops.
As if I were a somber figure in a religious painting, tonsured and robed, laboring in an allegorical garden, a simple man who had never seen a cough drop or a golf club or the spectacle of bees in cartoons dive-bombing some hopeless dog gardening below, aviator's caps snug on their heads, their little faces fired with resentment.
Smith Bros, was the first cough drop in America and a market leader as recently as 40 or 50 years ago," chief executive officer Steve Silk told the Chicago Tribune.
Coming soon to your gut: a video camera the size of a cough drop that you swallow.
the global leader in innovation software and services, to optimize and test a concept for a dual-action cough drop.
The Company has a significant portfolio of intellectual property including a flagship iconic brand that is one of America's oldest cough drop brands and is widely recognized throughout the nation and across generations of consumers.
The Baltimore Ravens linebacker is offering a cough drop to soothe the raw feelings that have lingered since the death last year of two men in front of a nightclub in Atlanta after an altercation that Lewis found himself in the middle of.
who is credited with creating the first cough drop in 1847, inherited the business in 1866 and named it Smith Brothers.
While Halls doesn't condone anyone going to work when they're sick, it's clear that many Americans plan to defy the advice of most experts and try to fight through this cold and flu season at work," said Sebastian Genesio, marketing director for Halls, the top-selling cough drop brand in the country.
Before she could dislodge a cough drop stuck to the roof of her mouth, she had to make a second act entrance.
Halls remains the only major brand in the cough drop category that has a product to meet every relief need and that is available in the widest variety of flavors," the spokeswoman says.