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Synonyms for couch

Synonyms for couch

to convey in language or words of a particular form

Synonyms for couch

a flat coat of paint or varnish used by artists as a primer

a narrow bed on which a patient lies during psychiatric or psychoanalytic treatment

Related Words

formulate in a particular style or language

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Chehade too expects that couch surfers will be looking for more than just a place to sleep.
Similarly, hosts are expected to do more than give up their couch.
It's really about spending time together, says Abdul-Ghani Habli, 25, one of just a handful of couch surfing hosts in Sidon.
Abdul-Rahman al-Chammaa, 24, was also attracted to couch surfing by this kind of exchange.
The Couch Surfing Project was born seven years ago when Casey Fenton, one of its founders, got a cheap ticket to Iceland, but didn't have any place to stay and didn't want to spend his weekend in a hotel.
He said the true spirit of couch surfing isn't about the furniture - it isn't just about finding free accommodations around the world.
The process of couch surfing increases people's exposure to each other and drives intercultural understanding," he said.
The Couch is also fantastic complement to our other online serial, GeekCereal found at http://www.
The Couch is based around biweekly group therapy sessions, held in a psychiatrist's office in Manhattan's Flatiron Building, and biweekly "Liaisons," in which groups of characters split off for their own adventures.
The text on The Couch site is being edited by Adam Penenberg, a New York-based journalist and fiction writer who has written about technology for The New York Times, Wired, and Playboy.