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lying on the stomach with head raised with legs pointed forward

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They made plans to visit, highlighting areas they thought would be worth exploring, and, after a three year search, stumbled on La Legue du Couchant - a converted barn 30 kilometres from Bergerac.
When next you look for me, I will be the guy with the silk ascot, third from the left at the Plaza Bar, fly open, elbow couchant, geules vert, head on wrist, falcon moribund, lion toothless in left quadrant, motto: Sic Transit Gloria Swanson.
Sara ZAMIR and Juliette HASSINE, "Reading Liszt's Harmonies du soir through the soleil couchant (Sunset) Theme in French Romantic Poetry," Journal of Music and Meaning 7 (Fall-Winter 2008, http://www.
Sous l'eclairage du soleil couchant, l'echangeur prendra par exemple les traits d'une majestueuse cathedrale mordoree (Les arches de Saint-Pierre).
The giant squid, which used to be dumped in a murky vat to brood like Loki waiting for his revenge on the gods, has gone from squid couchant to squid rampant, and has a cool light-up display showing its beak and suckers.
Taxes upon every article that enters the mouth, or covers the back, or is placed under the foot--taxes upon everything which is pleasant to see, hear, feel, smell, or taste--taxes upon warmth, light, locomotion--taxes on everything on earth--on everything that comes from abroad or is grown at home--taxes on the raw material--taxes on every fresh value that is added to it by the industry of man--taxes on the sauce which pampers a man's appetite, and the drug that restores him to health--on the ermine which decorates the judge, and the rope which hangs nails of the coffin, and the ribands of the bride--at bed or board, couchant or levant, we must pay.
Quelquefois, le dimanche, je vais la, et j'y reste avec un livre, a regarder le soleil couchant.
La force, l'habilete, l'intelligence ou le genie, tout ce que l'homme possedait en naissant comme un don recu de Dieu, etait integralement utilise pour le bien de tous: ici, pour deraciner les arbres de la foret qui bientot feraient place a des champs fertiles; la, pour devier le cours des fleuves afin d'irriguer les plantations; ailleurs, pour saisir la foudre du ciel ou les derniers rayons du soleil couchant afin d'illuminer les murs de la cite.
Unlike Cacao, there are no fish-ponds in Javouhey and houses are numbered and streets have names, which often describe a prominent feature such as Rue du Couchant (sunset street), Rue du Ravin (ravine street) Rue Du L'eglise (church street), Rue du Nord (north street), and Rue du Marche (market street).
Sir - Mr Morgan D Jones (December 8) points to our Millennium Arts Centre and other Cardiff edifices as evidence of a resurgent Wales and is concerned that our English neighbours should view these institutions as depicting a previously couchant dragon now breathing fire and rearing up on its hind legs.
Ses rondeurs se cambrent differemment aux etreintes du couchant.
He bore as his arms: the Archdiocese of Sydney impaling per fess azure (blue) a star (6) argent (silver) and or (gold), on a book argent (silver), bound gules (red), thereon a pascal lamb couchant proper; and for motto: Per Ipsum Ipsa Duce.
Il (l'or) ne s'est acquis l'autorite d'un dieu, d'autant plus efficace qu'il n'est pas percu comme tel, que par une usurpation symbolique, en confisquant, pour le reduire a la seule dimension numeraire, un archetype imaginaire de l'or, celui-la meme qui se revele pour le poete dans la contemplation originelle du couchant.
Songez-vous a tous les millions de femmes qu'il y a dans le monde, au couchant, au levant, au septentrion, au midi, Europeennes, Asiatiques, Africaines, Americaines, blanches, noires, basanees, de toutes les couleurs .