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European grass spreading rapidly by creeping rhizomes

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But as a negligible human individuum I have great admiration for the brave behavior of couch grass and timothy and thistles, which carry on and proceed with a victorious song through abandoned, half-neglected, and senescent gardens, stomping over the decaying bodies of the feeble, intellectual, pleasing cultivars.
If your couch grass has spread from the lawn, create a clear edge between the lawn and flower beds to stop it spreading.
Alan Titchmarsh bemoans the scourge of Japanese knotweed, while Hannah Stephenson lists ground elder and couch grass as her main enemies I CAUGHT up with Alan Titchmarsh at the BBC Gardeners' World Live show when he was giving advice on how to combat Japanese knotweed, the peril of many gardeners, a weed which is right up there on the list of seemingly indestructible thugs.
To help prevent stone formation, drink a herbal tea containing golden rod, couch grass and corn silk.
QI have couch grass growing in my alpine garden which is proving difficult to dig out.
While bindweed snakes its way through borders and up hedges, ground elder is emerging from under my neighbour's fence and couch grass is appearing amid perennials and shrubs.
When I first had the plot, it was a mass of couch grass, nettles, ground elder, and other horrors.
Many people are put off by the expense of building new rock gardens and by the fact that the plants can so easily be overwhelmed by weeds like couch grass and ground elder.
Years ago it was easier to spray weeds such as couch grass in the flower borders with a specific weedkiller that would not affect your shrubs and herbaceous plants.
Foliar applied, intended to control couch grass in question, and annual monocotyledonous weeds in agricultural crops.
she asked, as together we tried to dig 11 months of buttercup roots and couch grass out of her sodden sandpit.
If you have couch grass or bindweed, it's a good time to dig it out as you can dig up herbaceous perennials if necessary to remove the couch grass rhizomes from their root system and then replant the perennial.
No sooner have you weeded beds and borders during a fine spell, than you'll have to do it again following a downpour, as seedlings emerge and difficult perennial weeds such as ground elder, couch grass and bindweed do their worst.