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Old World ground-living cuckoo having a long dagger-like hind claw

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Records of the globally near-threatened Short-toed Coucal Centropus rectunguis (BS) and Bornean Ground-cuckoo (4) Carpococcyx radiceus (BS) need confirmation.
This transportation arrangement is expected to continue until the completion of the Company's planned 10-inch export pipeline from Obangue direct to Coucal.
The final component of the pipeline, a reheating, repumping and metering facility adjacent to the Coucal processing facility, is expected to be commissioned by June 2006.
The Company expects a material improvement in export capacity from the area once its wholly-owned and operated ten-inch export pipeline from Obangue directly to the TFE-operated Coucal facility is completed.
In order to allow unrestricted export of current and future productive capacity, PanOcean began construction in 2005 of a wholly-owned and operated 33 km 10-inch export pipeline from Tsiengui to Coucal, which is expected to be commissioned by July 2006.
Meanwhile, the common coucal (bubut), which booms out its "buut, buut, buut" call at the approach of dusk--and for this reason could never have become an omen-bearer, since people do not leave their houses on any normal enterprise at that time of day--is reputed to project news from the location of call, both good and bad.
The export pipeline (120 km) between Onal and the Coucal delivery point is currently being filled.
Among the resident birds, common hoopoe, purple sunbird, little cormorant, Indian roller, white- throated kingfisher, spot billed duck, rose- ringed parakeet, red- collared dove, laughing dove and greater coucal are highly prone to respiratory ailments.
The new production and export system is comprised of a 30,000 barrel per day central production facility at the Tsiengui field, a 30-kilometre, 10-inch pipeline from Maghena to the Total Gabon operated Coucal facility and additional heating and pumping capacity at Coucal.
Pizzey compares the song of the pheasant coucal to water glugging from a bottle and the song of the white-tailed nightjar to an axe repeatedly striking a hollow log.
42) Pascoe's Ruby-Eyed Coucal (43) imagines the possibility of 'mounting a legal challenge to the principle of terra nullius based on ancient trade and cultural links between China, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and the peoples of Arnhem land'.
Others capture behaviors like sunning, displaying, or foraging (one of my favorites is of a Madagascar Coucal (Centropus toulou) attacking an upsidedown, goggle-eyed chameleon).
When I was on the Coucal in 1971 in Sasebo, Japan, I saw this book in English about paper folding, and I thought, "Yeah, it's going to take us two weeks to get back across the Pacific.
Lyrebird's vanity attracts Fox, bringing Nightjar, Coucal and Pitta, as well as Lyrebird himself, into danger.