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embryonic leaf in seed-bearing plants


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Routinely, the type D explants were inoculated keeping radicle side portion of cotyledonary ring portion in contact with the medium and plumule side up.
remotiva ocreata," in which the cotyledonary sheath extends,
For in vitro micropropagation, three types of explants were tested: cotyledonary nodes, axillary nodes and terminal apex.
Plumular-radicular axis angular; primary root straight and persistent; collar roots develop or do not develop; hyperphyll elongate; cotyledonary sheath apical opening; coleoptile present; cataphylls two; eophyll pinnate, apex acute; venation pinnate; reduplicate.
For each ewe, separate placentomes were fixed with Carnoy's solution by vascular perfusion of the caruncular (CAR; maternal portion of the placenta), or cotyledonary (COT; the fetal portion of the placenta) tissues.
When the seedlings were exposed to UV-B radiation 10 & 20 min/day, there was reduction in the shoot elongation and expansion of cotyledonary leaves.
development sequence: proembryo, precotyledonary embryo, cotyledonary embryo, and bipolar embryo.
Although the largest seed sizes have the largest cotyledonary area, the higher photosynthetic rate from smaller seed size could compensate and support seedling growth [6].
Transformation of Muskmelon cotyledonary explants and zygotic embryos with AtWBC19 gene
It has been reported previously that water deficit stress can result in reduced mobilisation of cotyledonary starch [34] and transport of sucrose from cotyledons to the embryonic axis [26].
axillary leaves, axillary shoots, hypocotyls and root segements [18], induction of callus using hypocotyl, root and cotyledonary leaf segments [19], and regeneration in this species using node, internode, hypocotyl and embryo explants [20].