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Synonyms for cotyledon

embryonic leaf in seed-bearing plants


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In vitro plant regeneration from leaf and cotyledon explants of Cucumis melo L.
As seeds, the monocots (mono, "one"; cot, "cotyledon") have only a single cotyledon, or embryonic leaf; the dicots (di, "two") have two.
Using greenhouse experiments, I investigated how the timing of cotyledon damage and variation in its magnitude influencing survival of young blackbrush (Coleogyne ramosissima Torr.
Synergistic Effect of Kinetin and Benzyl Adenine Plays a Vital Role in High Frequency Regeneration from Cotyledon Explants of Bottle Gourd (Lagenaria siceraria) in Relation to Ethylene Production, Breeding Science.
Cotyledon The first leaf, consisting of haustorium, middle part, and cotyledonary sheath.
Monocotyledonae (Monocot): Has only one cotyledon and parallel leaf venation, such as corn.
Petiolar cotyledon segments were more morphogenic to shoot-bud differentiation than distal cotyledon segments.
For the collection of STBM from placental perfusion, the intervillous space (maternal compartment) of a single cotyledon was perfused with an in vitro system, using a medium composed of NCTC-135 tissue culture medium diluted with Earle's buffer (1:1) with added glucose (1.
The species, popular today, is Lewisia cotyledon, an evergreen alpine that likes acid soil.
Subject were randomly assigned to one of four supplement regimens: 30 grams isolated soy protein (ISP) and 10 grams of cotyledon fiber; 50 grams of ISP and 16.
Among the many heirloom varieties that are raised, six phases of maturation are observed: micro, cotyledon (newly sprouted and split), petite, ultra, baby, and young.
cotyledon and its hybrids are probably the easiest with a colour range from white through shades of pink to rose and cherry red.
Nutri Pharma's technology platform is based on different patented formulations with a core content of combinations of soy protein with high levels of isoflavones, and cotyledon soy fiber.
Cotyledon node and hypocotyl parts from fourteen-days seedlings were used as explant sources.