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American basswood of the Allegheny region

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Obviously, we're very proud of this latest agreement and will bring Cottonwood residents a reliable, worry-free source of drinking water.
School districts are beginning to make the Cottonwood series required reading for Middle Schoolers as an easy way for them to learn about America during World War II.
A 2000 Santa Barbara pinot gris from Epiphany Cellars snagged the white wine with cheese and crackers gold medal, while the white named as best with vegetable salad was gold medal winner Cottonwood Canyon, again for a 2000 chardonnay, this time its estate bottle.
The CID Solar Project has signed a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with Pacific Gas and Electric Company and the Cottonwood project has a PPA in place with Marin Clean Energy.
Yavapai Herbal Services plans on being an integral part of the Prescott and Cottonwood communities, providing safe and affordable access to exceptionally high-quality medicine.
Majestic cottonwood trees, their shimmering heart-shaped leaves blazing gold in the autumn sunlight, stand in regal splendor along the banks of the Rio Grande in New Mexico.
Cottonwood Software was founded in 1995 to deliver quality software applications and utilities for personal computer users.
In response to Celaya's request, two bilingual members of the Cottonwood staff then translated into Spanish a number of the American facility's most commonly used clinical forms.
As Ken Scharabok comments, the wood of the cottonwood is very soft.
Type Structure Composition C2-cleared (a) Cottonwood-cleared Cottonwood with mechanically cleared understory C2-sparse Cottonwood-sparse Cottonwood with naturally sparse or hand-thinned to mimic naturally sparse understory C/CW1 Cottonwood-dense Cottonwood with dense understory of coyote willow C/NMO1 Cottonwood-dense Cottonwood with dense understory of New Mexico olive C/RO1 (a) Cottonwood-dense Cottonwood with dense understory of Russian olive C/RO3 Cottonwood-dense Intermediate-sized cottonwood and Russian-olive with understory of coyote-willow RO5 Shrub Russian-olive-dominated vegetation >1.
Patrick's Day Celebration" features free wine tasting hosted by Cottonwood Winery of Salem (plus $5 glasses of their award-winning Cottonwood Syrah), light snacks, prize drawings and soulful music by Ty Bradley.
Gazza is believed to have flown from Stansted Airport shortly after 6pm yesterday to the Cottonwood clinic in Arizona, which previously helped him face his booze demons in 2006.
Plains cottonwood trees live east of the Continental Divide from Alberta south to the Texas Panhandle.
entity of Bentonville, has submitted plans to build an office park in Bentonville's Cottonwood Village.