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However, the differences observed between our part of Mississippi and Hunt's (1959) part of Texas could be from differences in latitude that has previously been observed in cottontail rabbits (Sylvilagus floridanus) by Barkalow (1962).
Biology of Cuterebra lepusculi Townsend (Diptera: Cuterebridae) in cottontail rabbits in Idaho.
I was using a Burnham Brothers bell-shaped, wooden, cottontail rabbit call.
It was only a small cottontail rabbit, a dumb soul who gawked too long at too close a range while I drew the wood bow excitedly, shaking with nerves.
Monday - Cottontail rabbit, gray and red fox seasons close along with snowshoe hare in zones 1-4.
To continue its efforts to recruit young hunters, the Pennsylvania Board of Game Commissioners gave final approval to a special cottontail rabbit junior hunter season that coincides with the ring-necked pheasant junior hunter season in early October.
A cottontail rabbit scurried for the cover of a creosote bush.
There was yesterday evening when Howard arrived in camp with a scrawny cottontail rabbit in his fist.
WESTBORO - The state Division of Fisheries and Wildlife will conduct a statewide survey of cottontail rabbits this winter to assess the distribution and population of New England cottontails, the only cottontail rabbit species native to the Northeast and rarely seen.
6 days also have been demonstrated in the eastern cottontail rabbit (Sylvilagus floridanus) (4).
27 for pheasant, quail and ruffed grouse; cottontail rabbit hunting season opens through Feb.
Through a tax deductible contribution, wildlife adoptions of individual endangered species and other threatened animals such as: wolf, tiger, jaguar, polar bear, dolphin, panther, elephant, whale, cottontail rabbit or black bear are available.
Tomorrow - Opening day of Massachusetts hunting seasons for snowshoe hare, cottontail rabbit (zones 1-12), pheasant, quail, ruffed grouse, coyote and gray squirrel (zones 10-14).
The Homesteader," a fine-art print by Susan Bankey Yoder, features an eastern cottontail rabbit huddled under brush.