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For cottontail rabbits, we also included Predator and distances to human structures.
Additionally, automobile strikes may be a significant cause of cottontail mortality as cottontails are frequently observed dead on the roadways in central Georgia.
Many eastern cottontails were brought here a century ago by hunters or for hunters who much appreciated their tendency to run to the hounds in big circles -- a trait comparatively lacking in our New England cottontail.
Unlike its common cousin, the New England cottontail has not fared so well over the last 50 years.
Although the Mexican cottontail was officially known as Sylvilagus cunicularius in 1909, literature reports that the rabbit has been in Mexico since approximately 5500 B.
The roadrunner captured and killed a juvenile desert cottontail nearly as large as itself (Fig.
In total, the data set consists of 15 jackrabbits and 33 cottontail rabbits spanning a time period of 3050-650 YBP.
Immediately upon entering the thick tangle of brush, Minnie's high-pitched chop and Tiger's low, mournful bawl let me know they were hot on the trail of a cottontail rabbit.
Q WE have some Beatrix Potter figures: Fierce Bad Rabbit & Hunca Munca Sweeping both dated 1977, also Flopsy, Mopsy and Cottontail dated 1954.
These observations provide a record that deer and cottontail utilized buckbrush as forage during fall and winter.
As part of a larger project examining the population status, habitat needs, and home ranges of significant predator and prey species in suburban Connecticut, the Mashantucket Pequot Nation decided to evaluate the status and habitat use of the New England cottontail (Sylvilagus transitionalis) on tribal lands.
He is the author of Shadow: A Cottontail Bomber Crew in World War II.
Terumo Interventional Systems, 2101 Cottontail lane, Somerset, NJ 08873.
We saw cottontail rabbits scampering across the grounds at all hours.
To be entirely open to the sky is not a choice to a Sandhill crane, a Nuttall's cottontail, or a yellow-headed blackbird.