cottonseed cake

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the solid matter remaining after oil has been pressed from cottonseeds


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For the next eight days, two-centimeter pellets of cottonseed cake (35 percent crude protein) and 0.
Tenders are invited for Supply of Mustard Cake, Cottonseed Cake and Soyabean Extraction at Kapurthala and Gidderbaha plant
It is this market logic that explains why Ethiopia was using some of its prime agricultural land at the height of the 1984 famine in the Horn of Africa to produce linseed cake, cottonseed cake and rapeseed meal for export to Britain and other European nations as feed for livestock.
The study further points out that cottonseed cake produced through decortication and mechanical extraction of its oil, contains about 36 per cent crude protein which is best protein supplement for livestock.
Dry matter and chemical composition (g/kg DM) of the wilted water hyacinth, rice straw, sugarcane molasses and cottonseed cake Item (a) Ensiled Rice straw Sugarcane Cottonseed water molasses cake hyacinth Mean SD Mean SD Mean SD Mean SD Dry matter 166 8.
One reason India is holding back on planting GM cotton is that Indian officials have noticed that European importers have decided not to import cottonseed cake from South Africa.