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venomous semiaquatic snake of swamps in southern United States

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our study provides the first estimates of apparent survival for western cottonmouths based on robust estimators.
Sex ratios of adult western cottonmouths at Honey Creek deviated from 1:1, favoring females.
The Dogtown site was dominated by western cottonmouths, which accounted for 49% of the individuals captured there.
The needlegrass was too tall to see much of her, only sketchy outlines of her back and tail, but some sense warned me and, commanding Jody to "Leave it," I ran forward to discover a very large moccasin coiled and showing its cottonmouth.
Cottonmouths, particularly ones that appear 20 feet long in the light, unnerve me.
Booth and his colleagues examined dozens of litters of wild-caught copperheads and cottonmouths.
If you tramp around in venomous snake country or fish where cottonmouths lurk, an LCR loaded with half a cylinder of shotshells would be very comforting.
Booth said that, based on his own past research on boa constrictors and cottonmouths, virgin births produce about 2.
He played for Peoria Rivermen, Worcester IceCats, Columbus Cottonmouths and Texas Wildcatters before joining the Devils in 2005.
Cottonmouths and water snakes are certainly under-represented due to strong preferences for aquatic habitats.
However, several statements by Conway (1978) suggest that cottonmouths were abundant then, as they are now (e.
As someone who has had his fair share of cottonmouths and sweaty armpits on live TV - and I only had nine people watching me, not the entire nation - I thought that Clegg was clearly the most nervous.
But as someone who has lived half her life in states containing all four of America's poisonous snakes (rattlers, cottonmouths, copperheads, and coral snakes, not to mention snapping turtles and clouds not of snow but rapacious, maddening stinging insects), I'm reminded of Hamlet's remark about his father's ghost: hic et ubique.
Or shooting cottonmouths off the old iron footbridge in the swamps next to the Valley Gin, which in the Cotton Kingdom didn't mean vodka made unpalatable by the addition of juniper juice.
For the past five seasons, however, Stahl has toiled in the not-so-famous Southern Professional Hockey League with the Georgia-based Columbus Cottonmouths.