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It did the job but still took several cotton wool pads-worth to get it all off.
You'll see him walking around wrapped in cotton wool for the next two weeks.
6cm, Bandage DVT stocking small, Bandage DVT stocking medium, Bandage DVT stocking large, Comfort caps, Cotton Wool, Absorbent Pkt of 50 gm, Cotton Wool, Absorbent Pkt of 500 gm, Cotton Wool, Nonabsorbent pkt of 500g, Cotton Wool, Nonabsorbent pkt of 500g, Dressing, wound care occlusive and hydrocolloid dressing with flexible foam padding for optimum healing 20cm x 20cm (box of 3), Dressing wound care 10cm x 10cm (box of 5), Dressing wound care dressing 20cm x 20cm (box of 3), Dressing extra thin wound care dressing 10cm x 10cm (box of 5), Dressing extra thin wound care 20cmx20cm (box of 3), Preop adhesive drape 28cmx30cm, Preop adhesive drape 36cmx40cm, Preop adhesive drape 50cmx45cm, Dressing wound care non adhesive 6.
Please don't wrap us in cotton wool or what is next, not being allowed to sit on a seat in case we full off or maybe not allowed to have a spoon as I may take out my eye with it.
That whenever the likes of West Ham and Aston Villa wrap their best players in cotton wool, it gives Nottingham Forest and Sheffield United a chance to show what big clubs they still are?
According to the Sydney Morning Herald, Davidson said that the Australian cricket administrators need to be aware of the fact that there are certain fundamentals that do not ever change in the game, adding that players, especially bowlers, should not be wrapped up in cotton wool.
You will need: | Old glass jam jars | PVA glue | Tissue paper, glitter and any other gems or bits and pieces to embellish | Card and felt pens | Cotton wool balls and thread How to make it: TAKE a clean glass jar and paint a thin layer of PVA glue all over the outside.
After his operation, Celtic should have wrapped their skipper in cotton wool until next term.
Elegant Cotton Wool Silk Quilts provides a lovely series of Asian art-inspired quilts for six projects that focus on Asian influences and nature designs.
The trainee chef, 18, had stuck cotton wool all over his body and was wearing tights when the outfit was deliberately set alight.
WALES will wrap Gareth Bale up in cotton wool ahead of Tuesday's World Cup showdown with Croatia after the Tottenham star revealed the real reason he lasted only 45 minutes in Scotland.
Clever clogs at a Welsh council used cotton wool and the contents of their stationery cupboard to rival one of the most popular commercials on telly right now - taking on department store giant John Lewis.
The featured medical supplies for this newsletter will be AdvaCare's Cotton Wool, Digital Thermometers and Infusion (IV) Sets.
The anterior one contains the tobacco, the posterior one a plug of cotton wool, which can be renewed as required.
43pm 19 FEB 2010 I SAID last year that we'd wrap Sublimity up in cotton wool after the Leopardstown gallops, but he and I are a year older now so the bar has been moved and it's this week that the cotton wool goes on.