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to live or act together in harmony

to support slavishly every opinion or suggestion of a superior

Synonyms for cotton

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At harvest, plant height (cm), number of open bolls per plant, boll weight (g), seed cotton yield per plant (g) and lint (%) were measured on ten guarded plants from each plot, whereas, seed cotton yield per ha (ton) was recorded on the basis of experimental plot area by ginning all cotton plants of each plot.
Effects of ant tending on performance of Aenasius bambawalei as measured by the number of visits to third-instar mealybugs on cotton plants by the wasps, as well as by the number of parasitized mealybugs.
The study was conducted in the following two goals: (i) to evaluate the effect of the tested products in reducing the aphid population on infested plants and (ii) to verify the ability of the tested products in preventing the colonization of treated cotton plants exposed to aphid colonization.
Thus, the semi-circles of high resistivity show the extent of the zone where the cotton plants have extracted the water from the soil pores.
This could also be due to the toxic gene in the Bt cotton plants.
These toxic compounds are useful to cotton plants as they also occur in the leaves and stems where they deter insect and microbe attack.
He places an icon, usually an enlarged photograph, in the center of a mixed-media assemblage or sets it into a recessed niche, before which he sometimes puts found objects like old pharmaceutical bottles containing cotton plants or tobacco.
These bugs were not welcome because they eat the seeds and buds of cotton plants.
The research, said John, proves that cotton plants can be genetically altered through a technique called particle bombardment.
The CSIRO scientists are working to develop transgenic cotton plants whose offspring will inherit the HaSV genes and produce protective viral particles.
Folex (active ingredient: tribufos), used alone or in combination with other cotton defoliants, affords excellent defoliation of cotton; a process of removing the leaves from cotton plants prior to harvest.
Weeds should also be removed from around the cotton fields so that they do not consume the food meant for cotton plants and do not serve as a habitat for cotton enemy pests, says a release issued by the media liaison unit of the Punjab agriculture department here Friday.
To establish a biological function of GhGLP1, several independent transgenic cotton plants that over-express GhGLP1 were developed.
White fly weakens cotton plants by sucking juice and the insect also plays a major role in spreading cotton leave curl virus CLVC from one plant to another, experts added.
It has caused considerable damage to cotton plants in many areas of Brazil, in particular, in the Brazilian Savanna (Cerrado) where the climate is favorable, there is excessive and inappropriate spraying of insecticides and the schedule of crop rotation favors the increase of armyworm populations (SOARES; ARAUJO, 2001).