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Abdul-Razzaq also said that the other state-owned companies were: "the Medical Cotton Plant, belonging to the General Company for Cotton Industries in Baghdad, seven Plants for Glass & Syramic, Medical Bottles Plant, the Samarra Medicines Plant, the Intoxicating Injections Plant in Babel, the Nineveh Medicines Company, the Paper Plant of Missan and Basra, the Najaf Tyres Plant, Ibn-Majid, Al-Faris, al-Ikha'a Companies, Phosphates Plant in Anbar, belonging to the General Company for Geological Survey & Mineralization.
The researchers are trying to reproduce their results with cotton plants.
Psoriasis could be treated thanks to cotton plants, North East scientists have claimed.
Cotton plant requires N through out the growing season but the magnitude varies with the age of plant.
The cotton plant can sense it is being attacked by a caterpillar and releases an odour to attract wasps.
Inserting a ``polyester gene'' into the cotton plant may allow farmers to grow a fiber that is wrinkle-free and as warm as wool, researchers report.
speculated more than 30 years ago that a hybrid cotton plant could produce edible cottonseed and has since devoted himself to the search for that hybrid.
The project will include experiments on cotton plant to increase yield, trainings to the Pakistani scientists and technical assistance in field irrigation and management.
Mean ([+ or -] SE) percentage mortality of beet armyworm that fed on cotton plant tissue at 5, 7 and 14 d post egg hatch.
The aim of this work was to evaluate the attractiveness of different cotton plant parts and varieties to newly hatched fall armyworm larvae and the non-preference of the larvae for feeding on these plant parts and cotton varieties.
The judicial board on criminal and administrative cases of the Supreme Court today considered a supervisory complaint of attorneys of the defendants after the events near the cotton plant "Sanpa" in Jalal-Abad region, Supreme Court's spokesperson Bakytbek Rysaliev said.
Like other parts of the cotton plant, cottonseeds harbor the compound gossypol, which is toxic to people and many other animals.
The developments of these organizations certainly address those three tiers of sustainability, and demonstrate the seemingly infinite uses for the cotton plant.