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Synonyms for pellet

little ball


  • little ball
  • little piece

Synonyms for pellet

a small sphere

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Phases of inflammatory response to subcutaneous implantation of cotton pellet and other modifications by certain anti-inflammatory agents.
To score the measure of infection of the dentine, caries detector on a cotton pellet was applied for 5-10 seconds in the preparation.
The anti-proliferative studies were carried out using cotton pellet granuloma in rats using the method of Swingle and Shideman (1972).
In this series of experiments, the effect of L-1 on the proliferative phase of inflammation was investigated using the cotton pellet test (Suleyman et al.
Key words: Inflammation, antiinflammatory, Hedera helix, ivy plant, carrageenan, cotton pellet, rats
and control vehicle were administered orally for 7 consecutive days from the day of cotton pellet implantation.
In Cotton pellet granuloma (chronic inflammation model) test the methanolic extract at 400 mg [kg.
The activity of the extracts against chronic inflammation was assessed using the cotton pellet test in rats.