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The site supports a variety of bog mosses and bog plants including heather, cotton grass, cranberry and round-leaved sundew.
The area supports a variety of bog mosses together with a variety of bog plants, including heather, cotton grass, cranberry and round-leaved sundew.
The surface of the bog is waterlogged in many places providing habitats for sphagnum mosses and other uncommon plants such as crowberry, cross-leaved heath and hare's-tail cotton grass.
In spring, cotton grass flowers in the wet areas are important food for black grouse hens too.
GULLY BLOCKING: Kirklees Youth Offending Team members on the Marsden Moor estate WORKING IN THE WILDERNESS: A volunteer cotton grass planting on the National Trust-run Marsden Moor estate
The bog - which is up to three metres deep in peat in some parts - is now covered with a healthy variety of cotton grass and sphagnum moss which has helped stabilise the habitat.
There has been a lack of cotton grass seed heads for pre-nesting hens - it appeared two months too late.
Prof Mark Reed, who led research at BCU, said: "The call of a curlew or cotton grass quivering in the wind are sights many of us may associate with our often solitary, yet beautiful moorland landscape.
And thanks to the work we've already done to tackle Molinia, we are going to be able to plant more species such as heather, cotton grass and bilberries.
Welsh Black cattle amongst the cotton grass on Hafod y Llan farm, Snowdonia Picture: JOE CORNISH
Work carried out by the National Trust, who have owned Kinder Scout since 1982, will see vast areas of the bare and degraded blanket peat landscape restored by gully-blocking, brash spreading and the planting of cotton grass, heather seed, and dwarf shrubs such as bilberry.
Cotton Grass Theatre present Alan Bennett's Talking Heads: Curdworth Village Hall.
I look down at the ground, at the tiny yellow cinquefoils, at the campions, the cotton grass, I look out at the great white massifs, over to the exploding river, gunmetal grey from glaciers, out at the green tundra where you wander unnamed streams.