cotton gin

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a machine that separates the seeds from raw cotton fibers


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All day and late into the night, the cotton gin would hum incessantly.
The Windmill Winery is expanding with the Inn, a 25 room boutique hotel, and the Cotton Gin, a historic and fully restored cotton gin blossomed into a 7, 000 square foot event venue.
His factory, built in about 1880, was the largest supplier of cotton gin equipment at the time.
The "Characterization of Cotton Gin Particulate Matter Emissions Project," a major 4-year project, addresses this issue for cotton gin emissions.
References to the cotton gin are so numerous that the term has become almost a single word in every English vocabulary.
The museum is being built on the last brick cotton gin in Mississippi where King says he once worked.
This study was conducted to evaluate cotton gin waste (CGW), an agricultural residue as a cellulosic substitute in WPC.
Though there were no zoning laws in the early 20th century in Dallas, the developer, cotton gin manufacturer Robert S.
First, in 1793, the enterprising Eli Whitney invented the Cotton Gin.
The town was established in 1830 when William Stafford installed a cane mill and opened a horse-powered cotton gin in the area.
Using Eli Whitney's 1812 Congressional petition to extend the patent on his cotton gin as an example, the lesson correlates to the National History Standards and the National Standards for Civics and Government.
Because the facility is housed in buildings formerly owned by President Jimmy Carter's cotton gin and peanut warehouses, Carter and First Lady Rosalyn attended the celebration.
Only with the coming of the Acadians to Louisiana and the English to Natchez after 1763 did the black and white populations grow significantly; only after the invention of the cotton gin, combined with reduction in the market for deerskins, did the numbers become irresistible.
They hope someone will be able to help them find a cotton gin machine - an antique which separates seeds from cotton - in time for the production at Bedworth Civic Hall.
The problem is down to the breath-taking set - a huge, sprawling rendition of a cotton gin yard, complete with broken-down car, timber-slatted buildings and swinging bench.