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Each protein provides control of cotton bollworm and tobacco budworm, which gives Bollgard II cotton dual efficacy for both pests.
Others, however are thinking the mild winter could mean an increase in tobacco budworms and cotton bollworms, meaning they're willing to switch to transgenic varieties this year.
To promote the marketing of rice, cotton and other cash crops this year, many preparation producers used avermectin on rice leaf rollers, diamondback moths of crucifers, asparagus caterpillars, and cotton bollworms and so on, increasing the demands for avermectin.
In a 1999 study, the National Center for Food and Agricultural Policy (NCFAP) estimated that 2 million less pounds of chemical insecticides were used to control cotton bollworms and budworms in six key cotton-producing states during the 1998 growing season, compared to the insecticide levels used prior to the introduction of Bt cotton.
The test distinguishes cotton bollworms from their cousins, the tobacco budworm and groundcherry fruitworm.
To stimulate the production of sex pheromones, Teal applied the analog to the skin of tobacco budworms and cotton bollworms.
Pests that succumb to the microbe, for instance, include not only its namesake, the pale-green celery looper worm, but also cabbage loopers, tomato and tobacco hornworms, cotton bollworms (a.