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a fungus disease of cranberries

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Invest in hemostats, cotton balls, and a specialized ear cleaning solution for dogs.
7 Carefully place the cotton ball on top of the crude oil in the appropriate cup.
Tables 1 and 2 show that more eggs were laid on a cotton ball than any other substrate including leaves or pods from soybean plants.
INSTEAD of spending money on scented bags for your wardrobe, which fade quickly, soak a cotton ball with your favourite scent.
At the Cotton Ball pub in Keane's native Mayfield fans described his retirement as the end of an era.
Apply to skin with cotton ball and rinse immediately with cool water several times.
The winner of the messy, crowd-pleasing cotton ball competition, 14-year-old Miko Belen, managed to step away from the cotton-covered table with 41 balls stuck to his face.
For bathing, I prefer that the parent insert a cotton ball that's been dipped in petroleum jelly.
The old Christy oval, which has been used by the company for more than 150 years, has been replaced by a new, more informal logo incorporating a stylized cotton ball, depicting cotton in its raw state -- the foundation of Christy's textile background.
Saturate the cotton ball in the sugar-water solution.
One boy tears a cotton ball in two and gives half to me.
25 for five, all John Lewis (020-7629 7711); cotton ball (35mm), 25p, Hobbycraft (08000-272387)
In another room, doctors used a bloody cotton ball to dab a ten-inch wound on the stomach of Abdullah Shakur, a thirty-one-year-old mechanic.
Buff tips to even out ridges, then wipe nails with a cotton ball dipped in acetone or alcohol, says Roxanne Valinoti, CND education training manager.