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Synonyms for cotton

to live or act together in harmony

to support slavishly every opinion or suggestion of a superior

Synonyms for cotton

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The meeting was held to discuss the efforts being made to produce certified organic cotton, which is currently being cultivated in Balochistan.
We are reviving the cotton industry for our traditional weaving industry and to give farmers an additional source of income,' Costales said in a recent interview.
Starting with the raw cotton crop of 2018, an experiment is being conducted.
This year cotton production that was predicted to be about 14 million bales at the start of the season is not expected to reach the target once again falling short by 1.
An agriculture spokesman said in a statement on Friday that contamination-free cotton attracted handsome price from domestic as well as international markets and increased average per acre foreign exchange.
The seminar has started on Monday (today) with an aim to observe and examine the performance of different cotton crop varieties being sown in different areas of the country, said Cotton Commissioner Dr Khalid Abdullah.
As we all learned in history class, prior to the War Between the States, cotton was the country's primary export with the majority of the cotton going to Great Britain.
Based in Memphis, TN, The Cotton Board is responsible for collecting a per bale assessment of all upland cotton harvested and ginned in the U.
So, the study concludes that in addition to traditional inputs and socioeconomic factors, Bt cotton can fetch higher benefits to cotton growers, provided that farmers have access to quality Bt cotton seed in the market.
Empire of Cotton is a history of rise and fail of one of the world's most important commodities, inextricably linked to Africa and its history.
COTTON is grown in more than 100 countries of the world.
The cotton was sown on 24,000 ha in 2014 in Kyrgyzstan.
Research conducted by Cotton Incorporated reveals that cotton is a natural choice for non wovens--one ingredient that can deliver the multiple benefits of quality, performance, positive consumer associations, and competitive positioning on store shelves.
COIMBATORE -- With the lack of proper information on cotton hampering policy making, the office of the textile commissioner has started to register ginning and pressing units, cotton tradersand surgical cotton makers for data collection.
Exact period when people began to use cotton is not known, but from some historians' materials, we can observe that there is evidence that Cotton was cultivated in Mexico, Peru and in large parts of sub-continent (i.