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a cotter consisting of a split pin that is secured (after passing through a hole) by splitting the ends apart

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CSX Mainline Track Inspection Kingston to Selkirk Department of Transportation and Federal Railroad Administration track inspectors examined approximately 43 miles of track and five switches along the CSX mainline between Kingston and Selkirk and found 14 non-critical defects, including an insecure switch heel; loose and missing fasteners on guard rails, loose and missing switch bolts, missing cotter pins, a loose switch point stop, and an improper emergency notification sign at a crossing.
Install new clevis and cotter pin; bend cotter pin as shown
The metal interlock bars are then connected to the circuit breaker handles with a metal cotter pin and a thumbscrew thus enabling the exposed interlock bars to become energized.
The AD also requires the replacement of all existing bolts and attachment nuts at the forward and aft end attachment of each elevator tab push rod with new bolts and self-locking castellated nuts with cotter pins.
Again using Cessna as an example, one GAPSA member recently received a lot of 50 cotter pins from Cessna, each with its own 8130-3 airworthiness form.
clevis pins, washers and cotter pins replacing the E clips
Tenders are invited for Kit Of Split Cotter Pins Assorted Size And Quantity In Nos Respectively As Follows - 13 X 112 - 16Nos, 10 X 112 - 16Nos, 10 X 71 - 16Nos, 8 X 50 - 40Nos, 6.