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a cotter consisting of a split pin that is secured (after passing through a hole) by splitting the ends apart

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In a message dated Wednesday, Bombardier urged airlines operating its DHC-8 Q400 planes to check the nose landing-gear door mechanism to see whether a cotter pin fixing the bolt in the compartment is in place to enable the smooth functioning of the landing gear.
Here are the parts you'll need: Size NSN Spring 5360-01-384-5338 Washer 5310-01-384-4231 Pin 5315-01-385-7871 Cotter pin 5315-01-378-7858
Limited tenders are invited for Cotter pin steel split type 1.
Tenders are invited for Flat Split Cotter Pin 6 X 20 X 120 Mm Long For Axcel Box Pin And Link Pin As Rdso Drg No.
Tenders are invited for Cotter Pin Nut Locking To Size:1/8 Inch X 1-1/2 Inch Long To Material Specification :-Is - 549-1974 Make:Nettle Fold Or Machinefold Only.
Do not overtighten the track's tensioner screw or you'll shear its cotter pin.
Install new clevis and cotter pin; bend cotter pin as shown
Tenders are invited for Clamp Gear Case With Bolt, Nuts, Cotter Pin And Spring Washer To Drg.
Tenders are invited for Supply of 6" Chain, Cotter pin & MS Bush
If you've got the retaining nut and cotter pin installed on the wrong side of the shackle, there's a loud CRUNCH in your future.
Part PN NSN Bracket assembly 12379841 2590-01-473-2719 Ring spacer 12379846-1 5365-01-473-0415 Ring spacer 12379846-2 5365-01-473-0409 Connecting link 12379847 3040-01-472-7745 (M939A1 kit only) Connecting link 12379848 3040-01-472-7747 (M939A2 kit only) Straight pin MS20392-7C113 5315-00-904-1634 Cotter pin MS24665-287 5315-00-011-9120 Cotter pin MS24665-355 5315-00-012-0123 Plain hex nut (2) MS35691-38 5310-00-891-1733 Straight pin MS35810-6 5315-00-140-1938 Rod end clevis MS35812-11 5340-00-664-7597 Machine bolt (2) B1821BH050C150L 5306-01-123-0891
The power cable reel has a cotter pin to keep the reel's hub bolt tight.
With Valve 1, the trouble is usually the cotter pin that connects the valve to the gear.
Tenders are invited for Split Cotter Pin Lubricating Flat Banded Cotter As Per Rdso Drg No-Skvl-703 Item Sl No-10