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a cotter consisting of a split pin that is secured (after passing through a hole) by splitting the ends apart

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The hub, castle nut and cotter pin were not connected to the spindle after the accident.
The result was the bowtie cotter pin, a far more intuitive design.
Push in a new cotter pin (available at hardware and auto parts stores) and bend the ends of the pin to keep it from working its way out.
k Suspect the cotter pin on left clevis pin was damaged, then worn through by detent spring, causing the cotter k pin to fail and allowing the clevis pin to fall out.
The metal interlock bars are then connected to the circuit breaker handles with a metal cotter pin and a thumbscrew thus enabling the exposed interlock bars to become energized.
Contract awarded for 1) 15850122-flat split cotter pin size 6 x 10 x60 mm long to dlw part no 15850122 &drg no tpl -5457 alt- v sheet 2 of 2 item no 63 is 2638- 1974.
The mechanic who performed the inspection stated he ultimately used safety wire to secure the throttle control assembly instead of the required cotter pin.
First make sure the cotter pin of the iris valve adjusting screw is not sheared off.
A&I 3171 (SSN) and TZ0856 (SSBN/SSGN) require ship's force to install nylon bushings on the COM breakers to isolate the cotter pin from the metal stiffener.
When removing blade pins, always use a cotter pin puller to pull out the cotter pin.
Install new clevis and cotter pin; bend cotter pin as shown
If you've got the retaining nut and cotter pin installed on the wrong side of the shackle, there's a loud CRUNCH in your future.
Limited Tenders are invited for FSplit cotter pin 5 X 75mm galvanized coating make:- Surya, Machine fold, Venus, Nilkamal, Unique.