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a peasant farmer in the Scottish Highlands


a medieval English villein


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fastener consisting of a wedge or pin inserted through a slot to hold two other pieces together

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Cotter, 29, was serving a 13-year sentence after he was convicted of robbery and admitted burglary following a break-in at a property in Weston-super-Mare in 2012.
With a masters degree in public administration, Cotter spent the first 15 years of his career in River Forest, where he held various roles including interim or permanent public works director, Johnsen said.
But Cotter was frustrated as his side contributed to their own downfall by welcoming the Wallabies forward in the closing stages.
That battle against the Wallabies has robbed Cotter of concussion victims Richie Gray and John Hardie, who is also sidelined with knee and ankle injuries.
Despite the welcomed news, the meeting reached a controversial point when Cohen addressed recent allegations from the CAG that Cotter has not taken proper action in a timely manner to replace the pumpback pipeline.
At court, Huw David, prosecuting, said Cotter got involved in an argument on the night outside the Workingmen's Club in Mountain Ash on September 16.
Except for what those dump trucks took to the landfill, Cotter shipped much of what was stored at Latty Avenue to its facilities in Colorado, according to official reports.
Vern Cotter insists Scotland will bounce back from defeat to South Africa by getting the beers in before they face Samoa on Saturday.
SITTING on the stage of the assembly hall at Newcastle's Royal Grammar School, Scotland coach Vern Cotter bristled at the notion he was sending out a secondstring side against South Africa.
Discovered right aileron cable-to-bell-crank attach bolt nut missing its cotter key (p/n MS24665).
SCOTLAND boss Vern Cotter has admitted he is wary of protege and close friend Joe Schmidt catching him cold in the RBS 6 Nations.
Michael Cotter, born in 1931 on Minnesota land his family had farmed since the 1870s, was scolded from an early age: "Cut out those damn stories and get some work done around here
COACH Vern Cotter is adamant that Scotland's summer tour has been a valuable exercise - despite the 55-6 thumping his team got in the nal match against South Africa.
In the bunny care videos, Cotter and Sedaris casually talk about a host of topics of interest for rabbit owners and anyone interested in buying or adopting these animals.
But Aidan Cotter, who studied law at Birmingham University in 1959, called on central Government to fund directly the coroner's service.