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a peasant farmer in the Scottish Highlands


fastener consisting of a wedge or pin inserted through a slot to hold two other pieces together

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Oh well, Mr Cottar would understand if she came back some other time to give him the money - she wouldn't forget, but she was in a hurry.
Unemployed Dunlop, of Cottar Street, Maryhill, in Glasgow, was originally charged with attempting to murder the baby in the attack on December 10 last year.
Betty Cottar is Assistant Principal and Joanne Hansen is a Special Education Teacher at Sam K.
131), are strictly metaphorical (101), Kirk believes those obligations to mean that Piers is a cottar (6).
Compariag the etymology of cottar and villein, OED citing a discussion by A.
The crofting and cottar population of the Highlands and Islands, small though it be, is a nursery of good workers and good citizens for the whole empire.
When a small to middling 800kw Enercon turbine can gross PS180,000 a year, about half of which will be subsidised out of our electricity bills, no wonder every cottar with half an acre of land is climbing on the band wagon.
Our two professional hunters were Glenn Cottar and David Ommany, both of whom are legendary.
Kenya Ron Beaton, Bush Homes Calvin Cottar, Cottar's 1920's Safaris Charlie McConnell, Robin Hurt Safaris Tanzania Richard Bonham, Richard Bonham Safaris Mark Houldsworth, Nomad Safaris Chris Fox, Fox Treks Zambia Robin Pope, Robin Pope Safaris John Coppinger, Remote Africa Safaris Phil Berry, Africa Calls Zimbabwe John Stevens, Bushlife Safaris Ivan Carter, Ivan Carter Safaris Botswana Gavin Ford, Abercrombie & Kent Botswana Map Ives, Map Ives Specialised Safaris Soren Lindstrom, Soren Lindstrom Safaris Namibia Andre Schoeman, Skeleton Coast Fly-in Safaris Jan van de Reep, Huab Lodge
Unemployed Dunlop, of Cottar Street, Maryhill, was originally charged with attempted murder but yesterday the Crown accepted a guilty plea to the reduced charge of assault to the danger of life.
It was therefore possible for a visitor to say that 'without feeling that we are infringing the laws of privacy we can pry into the inner life of the humble cottar, view the conditions under which he lives, and see him engaged in his daily employment'.
Unemployed Dunlop, of Cottar Street, Maryhill, Glasgow, was originally charged with attempting to murder the baby on December 10 last year.
That Lyndsay could use the same dialect, and broadly the same lexicon to voice both a Cupar tailor and the king of Scotland, a poor cottar and the archangel Michael, suggests a capaciousness and social inclusivity to Scots 'Inglish' that was not available to writers of the same period south of the border.
5) The original 1215 version of Magna Carta referred to the rights of a "freeman"; the 1354 statute removed the word "free-man," and replaced it with "No man of what estate or condition that he be," a generous expansion that included freemen, villeins, bordars, and cottars.