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Castell Howell Foods in Carmarthenshire, which supplies 4,000 customers - including hotels, restaurants, pubs and cafes - has pulled one of its cottage pie products.
Supplier reports received to date have confirmed that ingredients are in accordance with declared product specifications, with the exception of the multi-portion cottage pie product supplied by Oak Farm, which has been recalled as a precaution due to the possibility of containing some horsemeat," he added.
Carmarthenshire-based Castell Howell Foods, which supplies 4,000 customers including hotels, restaurants, pubs and cafes, has pulled one of its cottage pie products.
It's a fun take on the classic cottage pie – traditional minced beef cooked with vegetables in gravy and then topped with mashed potatoes and finished in the oven.
Nigel Williams, financial director at Castell Howell, said the company is arranging to collect the cottage pies from customers affected.
Cottage pies containing horsemeat was served up to Lancashire schoolchildren, tests have indicated.
IF you buy cheap frozen lasagnes or gloopy cottage pies you are to fine dining what Bluebeard is to brides.
The technology can be used to add a perfect crispiness to microwaved panini breads, baguettes, sausage rolls, pasties, pies and wraps and produce a crispy topping for shepherd's and cottage pies, while targeting of the base of the food where the fat collects will remove moisture and add crispiness here too.
The shortlisted chefs will then showcase their cottage pies at the prestigious Christmas Food Fayre in Port Sunlight on December 4 and 5.
It will bring small bites - from mini fish and chips and bite size cottage pies to tuna sashimi rolls - from around the world to events across the region.
MY COTTAGE PIES My cottage pies are the best and all the children say 'yum yum'
The company, which sells a 275-strong range of its own-label traditional frozen meals and desserts including cottage pies and bread & butter puddings, has been pitching its products to independents and is planning a launch later this year.
I had to organise heating the food - an assortment of pasties, cottage pies, casseroles and even eggs - to be boiled on a large black coal range behind my desk - and the head teacher distributed it.
250 Tesco 4 Cottage Pies 908g Tesco Feb-06 Frozen Ready Meal