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I'm not reinventing the wheel, and it's certainly been done before but it's a fun and tasty way to serve cottage pie, and it's pretty easy too, which is always a bonus.
The Oval Allotment Cottage Pie, which includes kale, potatoes, runner beans and onions, was created by seven to 11-year-olds, all members of the School Nutrition Action Group.
It's a Spanish blend of syrah, cabernet sauvignon and petit verdot and was my sidekick for my cottage pie supper.
From making an English Cottage Pie to Sugared Spanish Almonds and Plantain and Potato Soup, this provides recipes from around the world, color photos of finished dishes, and a dual focus on vegan, gluten-free fare that is appealing and easy.
A council spokesman said: "The provisional results of the tests on a preprepared cottage pie from an external supplier have been passed onto the Food Standards Agency.
Parents were appalled to learn that it was found in cottage pie supplied to nearly 50 schools in one county alone.
Brad had a look online and found an English food company who deliver ready meals such as cottage pie, toad in the hole and apple crumble.
The launch range includes everything from chicken nuggets and beef burgers to cottage pie and pasta.
Typical prices are 45p for fruit pots, [pounds sterling]2 for ready meals such as pasta bolognese or cottage pie, and El for a four-pack of Goodness yoghurts.
Cooks at Urban Pie in Birmingham have added to their range of tasty treats with a classic cottage pie.
The new Stage 3 range includes: Seriously Comforting Cottage Pie with a pinch of cinnamon, Totally cool Caribbean Chicken with mangoes, Super scrummy Salmon Risotto with a sprinkle of cheese and Perfectly Pleasing Tomato-y Pasta with plenty of reg.
Except for the fact that it should properly be called a Cottage Pie (Shepherd's Pie, by definition, must be made of minced lamb, not beef) the product, which sells for $5.
Meanwhile, when it comes to ready meals, the Cash survey found the salt content per 100g of cottage pie - from 42 meals tested - slightly increasing from 0.
His recipe, including ingredients and techniques, for cottage pie really got me thinking and I've come up with my own version using elements of his from his Best Ever Dishes cookbook.
Wild mushroom encrusted fillet steak, a braised ox cheek cottage pie and ox tail suet dumpling with celeriac puree, roast root vegetables, watercress and meat juice reduction.