cottage industry

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small-scale industry that can be carried on at home by family members using their own equipment

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The term cottage industry signifies a small and often informally-organised sector which is run by groups or individuals in a small space with limited equipment and preparations.
The Minister said We have plan to enhance the public private partnership for providing opportunity to cottage industry at dogmatic and international level.
WTO laws are threatening Pakistan's cottage industry and domestic businessmen were expecting irreversible mess as a result of complete promulgation of WTO agreements.
The cartel and cottage industry parasite that issues that special stamp (board certification) that physicians increasingly have to have is the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS).
Products of genuine brands are bought and then adorned in this apparent cottage industry.
In the present state of India of course even widespread cottage industry can raise standards considerably above the existing level.
Products of this cottage industry are sold not only in India but also in other countries, a trade that commenced during pre-independence days.
In the early 1950s, it was declared a cottage industry and more than 50 per cent of its units still fall in this category.
The new regulations would prohibit the cottage industry of dismantling electronics and recovering the valuable metals they contain, but informal recyclers could still find employment by assisting in the collection of e-waste.
TUNIS, 16 Nov, 2009 (TAP) -- Tunisia's National Cottage Industry Authority is conducting Nov.
Initiated jointly by Oran 's SME and Cottage Industry directorate and the German group GTZ, the project, meant for small and medium-sized companies employing less than 20 workers and extended to the provinces of Ain Temouchent and Mostaganem, is part of the field 's development prospects, the source added.
Hundreds of complaints in South Florida and other areas have created a cottage industry of consulting on the apparent defects and possible health problems that may stem from the defective building material.
Bobby Yerma, manager for Kalra's Cottage Industry here, said all the work is done completely by hand, from the original drawings to the painting of the designs on grids to the knotting, by local artisans throughout Agra.
McCoy Rigby, a theatrical company that has made a cottage industry of ``Peter Pan,'' clearly couldn't resist spiriting Eric Anderson's Merlin out of the action via flight and wires.
Desire for ever-greater utility has created a cottage industry in storage space, third-row seating, and dual-use vehicles that never see a dirt road much less a mountain trail.