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any shrub of the genus Cotoneaster: erect or creeping shrubs having richly colored autumn foliage and many small white to pinkish flowers followed by tiny red or black fruits

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One of the plants at risk of being smothered by cotoneaster is yellow whitlowgrass.
5 metres long, is not the work of spiders, but that of cotoneaster caterpillars.
Ornamental crab apples (like those we have at Erddig), rowans, cotoneaster and pyracantha, along with other berrying trees and shrubs, are great for extending the year and giving more colour.
The cotoneaster group will support themselves or, at the most, drape themselves over the wall or fence.
horizontalis, thefishbone cotoneaster, so- called because of its flat, fish bone -shaped overlapping branches.
Most of us know and grow the useful cotoneaster horizontalis with its low sprawling branches like fishbones.
BERRYING plants always look good during the winter months and we should never overlook some of the more obvious subjects such as Cotoneasters.
For foliage and berries: Japanese barberry, nandina, and some deciduous cotoneasters.
The best thing about them is that usually they do not occur again on the same plant in the same garden, although I have seen one or two smaller infestation on cotoneasters elsewhere in Huddersfield since John and Jackie contacted the Examiner.
Cotoneasters like moderately fertile, well-drained soil in a sunny spot.
If you want low-growing evergreens, there are several excellent ground-hugging cotoneasters, including C.
Cotoneasters and berberis both need little introduction and again rank right up there among our most hardy garden shrubs.
LOOK IN any garden centre or nursery at the moment and you will see an array of berries in all colours bright and beautiful, from the deep reds of the holly to the wonderful orange-berried cotoneasters and everything in-between.
Diseaseresistant shrubs include dwarf rhododendrons, most cotoneasters and viburnums.