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any shrub of the genus Cotoneaster: erect or creeping shrubs having richly colored autumn foliage and many small white to pinkish flowers followed by tiny red or black fruits

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The more commonly planted Cotoneaster horizontalis with its almost flat, spreading branches covered in berries, is now invasive in the UK - unfortunately birds love these berries and spread them far and wide so avoid planting if you have a berries and species small plot.
Alan Kearsley-Evans, the National Trust's Coast and Countryside manager for Gower and Ceredigion, said: "Certain species of cotoneaster have an aggressive growth form and can do very well in exposed coastal positions.
The caterpillars are the larval stages of the hawthorn webber moth or porphyry knothorn moth and attack cotoneaster or hawthorn shrubs.
Tom suggests rubus tricolor, cotoneaster conspicuus, lonicera japonica, vinca major and pachysandra terminalis.
Just thread suitable berries, such as rowan (sorbus) and cotoneaster, onto lengths of garden wire, adding chillies if you have them, and even perhaps cranberries left over after making sauce, and you will soon have a garland to hang in the house or even around a tree in the garden.
THESE pictures were taken by Mrs Diane O'Keefe, of Brade Drive, Walsgrave, Coventry, and show a heron on the algae-covered lake at Coombe Abbey (above); a wasp on a cotoneaster shrub (above right); a swan and cygnets on the same lake (right); and a coot and chicks (below left and right).
Plant choices such as cotoneaster and American elder emphasize suitability as bird food, habitat, or nesting sites.
Low-growing varieties of lantana, rosemary, cotoneaster, pyracantha, manzanita, acacia and ceanothus will ``swallow up'' ripe olives as they fall.
Some might feel that pyracantha and cotoneaster are the somewhat dreary additions to the average suburban garden, but pyracantha's common name, firethorn, is apt when you think of the mass of berries it produces in a variety of colours.
Take Cotoneaster Rothschildianus, this is a great semi-evergreen that makes a small tree and is covered in large clusters of luminous yellow fruits every autumn.
After several hours in the warm fall sun, against the backdrop of the Pacific Ocean, Gallagher Heffernan IICF Bridge Week team members were surrounded by piles of iceplant, Pampas grass, broom and cotoneaster, clearing the way for the reintroduction of native plant communities.
For a security hedge, try blackthorn mixed with hawthorn, pyracantha, cotoneaster and mahonia.
Alternatives include creeping cotoneaster, carrying delightful flowers, foliage and berry, and perennial periwinkle vinca, which will grow easily across any ground, bringing bright green foliage and purple flowers.
QWE have removed a cotoneaster from our east-facing garage wall because it died - we'd had it for 38 years.