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being of equal extent or scope or duration

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nuPSYS is now also able to offer CAPEX financing through AFG, whereby perpetual licenses are bundled with coterminous support, with a monthly payment construct.
States were usually seen as basically coterminous with ethnicity, hence for example the subtitle of one book was the "Xhosa Kingdom.
Accordingly, on the academic front, there was a theoretical fascination with "borders," migration, and hybridities of all sorts and, in art-world discourse, a coterminous confidence in visual art's ability to engage a public in order to reveal political inequalities and potentialities.
The new contract is coterminous with GTECH's existing contract with Supreme Ventures, which is set to expire in Jan.
The debate was over the question of whether citizenship in the Body of Christ was coterminous with citizenship in the state.
The perfect manual of style would be like the perfect map of the world: exactly coterminous with its subject, containing a rule for every word of every sentence.
1235(a), a transfer (other than by gift, inheritance or devise) of property consisting of all substantial rights to a patent, or an undivided interest therein that includes a part of all such rights, by any holder, will be treated as the sale or exchange of a capital asset held for more than one year, regardless of whether payments in consideration of such transfer are (1) payable periodically over a period generally coterminous with the transferee's use of the patent or (2) contingent on the productivity, use or disposition of the property transferred.
As Robert Davis writes in the Introduction, the emphasis fell naturally on the early modern period, coterminous with the first two centuries of the ghetto, founded in 1516 and named after the zone in Venice where the first of these walled and gated serraglii degli ebrei was located, the period also when the Venetian Jewish community flourished.
But both phases of Christianity--as a society of outcasts and as a society coterminous with the political realm--exhibit the uncompromising principles of the Church.
The fact is most school districts in California do not have their boundaries coterminous with a single community,'' he said.
In the debate over Bush's initiative, the universal assumption has been that the term "faith-based organization" is coterminous with "religion," but the Encyclopedia Britannica states firmly that "no definition allows for identification of `faith' with `religion.
The inner layer is substantially liquid, vapor and air impermeable and is longitudinally coterminous with the absorbent article.
The point remains, however, that the two provisions are not coterminous.
In the northern latitudes of what would become the coterminous United States, between Maine and Minnesota, an unbroken coniferous woodland prevailed, giving way to hardwoods as it moved to lower latitudes--beech, maple, oak, chestnut, elm, hickory, basswood, locust, magnolia, live oak, tupelo--in a largely unblemished blanket of green from the Lakes to Louisiana.
In line with the continuing expansion of the country s conditional cash transfer program (CCT) also known as the Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program the Department of Budget and Management (DBM) has approved the employment status upgrade of 4,885 Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) employees from job order status to contractual status, coterminous with the project.