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Synonyms for coterminous

being of equal extent or scope or duration

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15) The assumption was that political identity, rights, and political space are, or at least should be, coterminous.
The inner layer is substantially liquid, vapor and air impermeable and is longitudinally coterminous with the absorbent article.
The point remains, however, that the two provisions are not coterminous.
In the northern latitudes of what would become the coterminous United States, between Maine and Minnesota, an unbroken coniferous woodland prevailed, giving way to hardwoods as it moved to lower latitudes--beech, maple, oak, chestnut, elm, hickory, basswood, locust, magnolia, live oak, tupelo--in a largely unblemished blanket of green from the Lakes to Louisiana.
The authority is coterminous with the validity of the Administrative Order, unless a shorter period is provided by the regional director.
The digital marketing company serving the pharmaceuticals and healthcare industries will also be extending its current lease on the 10"1 floor to be coterminous.
The accountancy firm will occupy space on part third floor on a new lease to run coterminous with its existing space on the fourth floor at St Catherines Court, which is the only Grade A office building in Clifton.
The Aquino administration had to fill at least 4,500 positions that were coterminous with President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, including those of the Cabinet and officials of government corporations and agencies attached to the Office of the President.
Its Mayor, and his or her powers, are contained within useful administrative boundaries that are coterminous with each other.
From the maps available, it appears that no consideration is being given for ensuring coterminous arrangements with current local authorities, coterminous arrangements with current Health Boards and most importantly the retention of local identity.
mountainous areas of Hakkari province on the coterminous Turkish-Iraqi borders,
The alphabetically arranged entries provide concise definitions of terms such as insider trading, coterminous debt, reinvestment risk, convertible security, and advance refunding.
The discord between the New York factio n of Art & Language (which was coterminous with the editorial staff of The Fox) and the English group would ultimately lead to the dissolution of the former, but not before a highly acrimonious, public battle in which no one was spared.
Largely coterminous with the parish of San Frediano, the district also included the major Carmelite church of Santa Maria del Carmine.
The Company, at its option, can further extend this facility through 2010, which is coterminous with the Company's $100 million unsecured term loan credit facility.