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one of two or more tenants holding title to the same property

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After the disclaimer was executed, the decedent and his children entered into a "cotenants' agreement" for the disclaimed art, which prohibited the cotenants from selling any of the art without unanimous consent.
However, the power dynamic between cotenants is a relevant consideration in all third-party consent to search cases.
If the property generates income, such as rent, then each cotenant is entitled to a proportion of that income.
Hudspeth, a cotenant with her husband, had authority to consent on her own to the search, and this consent was voluntarily obtained by the police officers.
The majority acknowledged the line of cases allowing a cotenant to consent to entry and search of a residence by police, but noted that in those cases the defendant was not present "at the door" objecting at the time consent was given.
available cotenancies, in fact, potential cotenants have a plethora of
Ordinarily, in absence of a waiver or estoppel, each cotenant has an "absolute" right to partition the common property, even if the property is leased to another party or a cotenant or is subject to an easement, mortgage, or trust deed.
Alternatively, in our proposed competitively ruled joint ownership property right regime it is decreed that (1) the facility must have two or more co-owners each having an agreed share of the rights to the capacity of the facility (In practice a common cotenancy contract rule is for each cotenant to receive capacity rights in proportion to his contribution to capital cost).
Instead, they are likely to negotiate about when each cotenant will use the property.
Each such cotenant thereafter desiring exchange treatment could then assign his or her respective interest in the sales contract to a qualified intermediary and close the transaction as an exchange.
The general rule is that each cotenant is ultimately liable for his or her proportionate share of the obligations and expenses of real property.
Criticizing the prevalence of forced partition sales, one note argues that judges have "misapplied the statutes and allowed private interests to use the statutory process as a land acquisition tool at the expense of cotenant landowners.
NYSEG will also be coordinating its interest in the process with the other 18% owner and non-selling cotenant, the Long Island Power Authority (LIPA).
3) It is unclear when the adverse possession period begins to run against a cotenant under section 541.