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ratio of the adjacent to the opposite side of a right-angled triangle

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Early examples by artists such as Cotan and Zurbaran feature humble objects inscribed with transcendental values, depicted with the utmost naturalism against an inky black background that alludes to the void beyond worldly concerns.
Most surprising, perhaps, is a lean, pared-down painting by the Bodegones master, Juan Sanchez Cotan, Still Life with Cardoon and Parsnips, from the Museo de Bellas Artes, Granada.
She talks about her experience and excitement when looking at paintings and discusses in detail selected works by Giorgione, Vermeer, Chardin, Goya, Morandi, Mitchell, and Richter, as well as some masters of the still life, including Cotan, Soutine, Cezanne, and Guston.
Christie's finest lot is a "Bodegon" by Sanchez Cotan whose estimate may be obtained from the auction house on request.
Caravaggio, Leonardo and Brueghel you might expect to be here, as indeed they are - but a still life painted by Juan Sanchez Cotan in Granada around 1620 is remarkable for its sheer modernism.
The second chapter discusses the pivotal role of Sanchez Cotan, who produced austere but monumental paintings of ordinary fruits and vegetables in Toledo, c.
He breathed new life into the genre of the bodegon, or pantry still life, established by Zurbaran, Sanchez Cotan and Juan van der Hamen, by replacing the moody foreboding of his 17th-century predecessors with a spirit of rigorous, almost scientific inquiry in keeping with Enlightenment ideals.
Earlier, Imron Cotan, secretary general of the Indonesian Foreign Affairs Ministry, told a small group of Indonesian reporters that the establishment of the permanent representation will ''strengthen the role of ASEAN as a driving force'' when it has to make deals with other countries.
I remember the effect that a still life by Juan Sanchez Cotan had upon visitors at the entrance to an exhibition in London of Spanish still lifes.
Still lifes by artists such as Caravaggio, Juan Sanchez Cotan, Alberto Giacometti, and some Cubist prototypes are leadenly copied with a heavy handed and bothersome lack of pictorial sensitivity to their sources.
As the Prado's landmark 1993 exhibition 'Los pintores del reinado de Felipe III' beautifully demonstrated, the art of painting also flourished throughout Phillip III's years in power--which were bookended by the later stages of El Greco's career and the early part of Velazquez's--with Francisco Ribalta, Juan Bautista Maino, Pedro Orrente and the still-life masters Juan Sanchez Cotan and Juan van der Hamen at the height of their powers.
The raids on Muslim households could jeopardize a joint investigation into the Bali bombing being conducted by Indonesian authorities and the Australian Federal Police (AFP), Indonesia's acting ambassador to Australia Imran Cotan said Wednesday.