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ratio of the adjacent to the opposite side of a right-angled triangle

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O isolamento leva-nos a observa-los sob outro angulo, ressaltando-os nao como alimentos ou objetos, mas como entidades que surgem de forma imprevisivel e inedita: Cotan suprime os personagens tradicionais das Vanitas, principalmente aqueles que remetem mais intensamente a efemeridade da vida, ou seja, a caveira e a vela, colocando-nos em comunhao direta com essas entidades organicas fragilmente suspensas.
E, ainda que proponha que a ausencia de sujeito nos quadros de Chardin pode ajudar a entender melhor Sanchez Cotan e Zurbaran, e evidente que Chardin esteve mais preocupado em desenvolver o ilusionismo de uma vertente francesa do genero.
CB: I'd never heard of Cotan, but it doesn't surprise me that Vermeer is in the lineup, given your obvious fascination with light, about which I'll have some questions later.
Dalglish also has men in Spain in an attempt to sign Sevilla youngster Antonio Cotan.
Posteriormente Blas de Prado y su discipulo Juan Sanchez Cotan se constituyeron en grandes impulsores del bodegon en Espana y este siempre mostro las frutas y las hortalizas en un deslumbrante realismo, dado principalmente por el uso de fondo oscuro para realzar texturas, colores y matices.
Chinese firms have signed agreements to buy 2,000 tonnes of Cotan beige and two grades of Mastung beige quality marble, found in Balochsitan.
Spanish Baroque is everywhere evident in the architecture of Puerto Rico, and the artist's many tabletop still lifes of opulent vases and exuberantly rendered flowers, usually against the darkest of backgrounds, draw on the pictorial vocabulary of Melendez, Sanchez Cotan, and Zurbaran.
Indonesian Foreign Ministry Secretary General Imron Cotan said, ''We have agreed to propose to our foreign ministers to issue a statement basically portraying that ASEAN countries are united to confront this act of terrorism.
About the same time that Cotan sketched out the underlying geometry of worldly vanitas, Galileo was testing Aristotle's belief that a ball rolling down a surface follows a straight line, which turned out to be incorrect: the declining ball in fact describes a parabolic curve.
epsilon] = N (1/[square root of 3][2 cotan ([PHI] + [PSI]) + [PSI] cosec ([PHI] + [PSI])] (1)
The 52 master paintings on display included seven late works by El Greco and three early works by Diego Rodriguez de Silva Velazquez, along with paintings by Gregorio Fernandez, Juan Bautista Maino, Luis Tristan and Juan Sanchez Cotan.
Each one of them taught him something important that he incorporated into his work: Caravaggio (Italy, 1571-1610) taught him how to use light to make figures stand out; Sanchez Cotan (Spain, 1560-1627) taught him to establish a balance between color and form; Giorgio Morandi (Italy, 1907-1964) taught him about the general structure of a piece with objects placed horizontally in a line and how to capture a fleeting essence in profile.
Estrellas Cubanas are led today by Rene Orlando Beltran (his father worked with Maravillas de Florida), vocalists Ernesto Oviedo (son of tresero Isaac Oviedo), Guillermo Herminio Cabrera (Melodias del 40, Estrellas de Chocolate, Hermanos Izquierdo) and Antonio Luis Morales (Son Maracaibo, Orquesta Capri, Cotan y su Combo, Conjunto Musicuba de Jose Tejedor).
La puella pilosa': hacia una lectura iconologica del retrato de mujer barbuda en la pintura del Siglo de Oro: de Sanchez Cotan a Jose Ribera.
Early examples by artists such as Cotan and Zurbaran feature humble objects inscribed with transcendental values, depicted with the utmost naturalism against an inky black background that alludes to the void beyond worldly concerns.