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sudden and unexpected death of an apparently healthy infant during sleep

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SO PRECIOUS: A newborn is | |cradled by a nurse, but when cot deaths occur it is a terrible burden for parents to bear
A generation of grandparents badly informed about the dangers of cot deaths have been left to educate a new group of young parents after awareness campaigns slowed.
The risks of cot death are greater if a baby sleeps in bed with its parents, especially if they are smokers.
It also found that one in six babies were being put at risk of cot death because their parents were smokers and shared a bed with their infant.
Professor Crane, who said cot deaths in Ulster had been dramatically cut back after the Back To Sleep campaign in 1982, has urged parents to stop taking tots to bed with them.
The research from Bristol and Warwick universities also linked parents' drinking and drug taking habits with an increase in the chance of cot death occurring.
To investigate a possible link between cot death and socioeconomic deprivation, they compared these deaths with a control group at "high risk" - young, socially deprived mothers who smoked - as well as a randomly selected control group.
Despite a drop in the rate of cot death in the UK since the early 1990s, experts are advising parents to avoid dangerous co-sleeping arrangements to help reduce these deaths even further.
Lead author of the study, Professor Bob Carpenter from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, said more than half of cot deaths in the UK today occur while a baby is sleeping in the same bed as its parents.
Gail explains that stillbirth is actually much more prevalent than cot death, but parents tend to actively worry about it less because there isn't really anything they can do about it, unlike cot death.
New figures published by the region's Child Death Review Panel show ten babies have died in their sleep in Coventry during the last two years, with another seven cot deaths in Warwickshire during that time.
Of the131 cot deaths looked at, half the babies had slept on used mattresses - which contain urine or vomit leading to bacteria growth.
His case was one of only three or four per cent of cot deaths that involved children aged two or three years.
Cot deaths were more common in boys (63 per cent), and the babies often had a lower than average birth weight and were born early.
Cot deaths are devastating so I'm always glad to hear of any new way to help prevent them.