cot death

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sudden and unexpected death of an apparently healthy infant during sleep

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Cot deaths contributed to 79 newborns dying in Merseyside over the course of a decade.
The risk of cot death in babies born to smokers is twice that for babies born to non-smokers, and with every 10 cigarettes a day the risk increases threefold.
Yet despite such evident concern about cot death, many parents aren't following safer sleep advice, with almost half (48%) of those surveyed admitting to sleeping on a sofa or armchair with their baby regularly or occasionally, and 43% saying they'd moved their baby into its own room before they were six months old.
If parents were made aware of the risks of sleeping with their baby, and room sharing was instead promoted in the same way that the 'Back to Sleep' campaign was promoted 20 years ago to advise parents to place their newborn infants to sleep on their backs, we could achieve a substantial reduction in cot death rates in the UK,' he said.
As part of a year-long pilot scheme, the charity are offering families affected by cot death free first aid training on everything from how to give the kiss of life to a baby, to how to clear the airway of a choking infant.
EastEnders' morally repugnant cot death plot will merely compound parents' fears and will do nothing to raise awareness of the positive steps that can be taken to help avoid this cruellest of conditions.
NIGHTMARE: Young mother Gemma Lee is backing the initiative after losing her child to cot death in 2008.
The researchers said some of the safety messages were getting across to parents and may have contributed to the continued fall in the cot death rate.
Summary: A new study has revealed the majority of cot deaths occur when a baby is sleeping with their parent.
Cot death claims seven lives every week in the UK, said the charity.
It also found that one in six babies were being put at risk of cot death because their parents were smokers and shared a bed with their infant.
Cot death expert Dr Jim Sprott has welcomed new research that confirms that infant mattresses cause cot death.
During the campaign, supported by TV presenter Anne Diamond who lost a son to cot death, parents were advised to lie their children on their back, not wrap them up too warm and not smoke near babies.
Genetic disorders, environmental pollution, heart defects or known cot death risk factors such as smoking and lying the child on its stomach could all have been to blame.