cot death

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sudden and unexpected death of an apparently healthy infant during sleep

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I am organising this one-mile walk in memory of my son Thomas James Thompson, who died of cot death in July 1992, at the very young age of six weeks.
And while the decline in the number of babies falling victim to cot death was described as good news, there was a warning about the dangers of parents sleeping with their babies in both chairs and beds, deaths from which are increasing.
Cot death victim Archie Youster with ten-year-old brother Ryan, who loved to make things for him at school.
Dr John McClure, chairman of the cot death charity, said: 'Until recently it was thought that bed-sharing was a risk only if parents were smokers.
It's crucial that all parents follow the proven advice to reduce the risk of cot death by sleeping babies on the back.
The medical advice that has helped to reduce the risk of cot death includes:
It comes in the same week that the Court of Appeal called for a halt to the prosecution of parents for murdering their babies, when expert evidence points to cot death.
The European study looked at 745 cot death cases and confirmed a range of other risk factors that were already known.
A study involving 134 paediatricians in England, Scotland and Wales, discovered 17 babies had suffered cot deaths in the past 10 years despite their parents' use of a monitor.
Falling asleep with your baby on the sofa greatly increases the risk of cot death.
Cot death is still the biggest killer of babies in the UK today.
Welsh scientists have identified a rogue gene that could provide an 'early warning system' to save the lives of babies susceptible to cot death.
He plays millionaire property developer Mark, whose marriage to Claire Goose has been in trouble since their baby son's cot death.
But the disorder, named sudden infant death and dysgenesis of the testes syndrome (SIDDT) by researchers, might provide clues to the causes of other unexplained cases of cot death.
Parents were today warned that sharing a bed with an infant less than eight weeks of age increases the risk of cot death.