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someone who designs or supplies costumes (as for a play or masquerade)

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The 64-year-old actor turned costumier is as flamboyant in his choice of housing as he is his clothing, so it is no surprise to find that more than a little of his quirky lifestyle has rubbed off on the Longwood home he built 12 years ago.
GIVEN that she's dressed some of the world's most famous women - Jennifer Aniston and Renee Zellweger to name but two - it's a surprise to hear Kate Towns reveal that she fell into her career as a film costumier by accident.
The 26-year-old costumier, who lives in Edgbaston, has amassed a collection of around 60 handbags including her favourite - a satin, pink 50s one, and her most valuable - a Victorian, opera-glasses case, made from Bakelite and lined in blue velvet.
They were trounced 5 and 4 by costumier Bill Mayo and building services manager Glyn Hall.
Angels - Europe's biggest costumier to the film and theatre industries - is holding a retro sale this Saturday.
Worshippers were also reminded that church member Shirley Lingwood will be giving a talk on her daughter's work as a theatrical costumier, Dressing the Stars, which will be illustrated with some of the exquisite costumes she has designed.
Saffron is a freelance costumier with her own business, Timeslip Clothing, as well as an occasional wardrobe mistress for both the BBC and several theatres in Birmingham.
Instead the best actress nominee shunned big name designers in favour of a gown made by her friend and costumier.
But Neville's dream of creating his own band was always guiding him back to Liverpool via Blackpool where he met his wife, theatrical costumier Gabriella.
They were made by her twin sister, Gloria Barnett, a costumier who lives in Kent.
While the Textile Hall in Batley will also be a hub of activity with Karen Stansfield, a creative practitioner who works in theatre and education as a costumier and textile artist, exhibiting.
Mr Wilde's day job managing a theatrical costumier means he dazzles the audience with outrageous clothes which Dame Edna Everage would die for.
Sue Williams of Cardiff- based Marigold Costumes Ltd, Wales's largest costumier, said they hire out more pirate outfits than any other fancy dress.
There's our costumier, Meriel Johnston for one, travelling all the way out to Chollerford, ironing everyone's costume, then travelling back to Tyneside, with barely a murmur.
But I'd also like to borrow a couple of tailors' dummies, " said June, who began her own colourful career as a theatrical costumier more than 30 years ago, creating wacky stage costumes for the likes of Gary Glitter and Genesis along the way, among a myriad of other celebrities.