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someone who designs or supplies costumes (as for a play or masquerade)

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Var of old woman getting some information from costumer representative
Faye, who served as Jackson's primary makeup artist for nearly three decades, recalled how the costumer told her that he could see Jackson's heart beat through the skin in his chest.
it is a full service fulfilment company, which covers payments, dunning, costumer care and financing with one contract and one face to the merchant - easy and convenient.
A spokesman added that official correspondence from PayPal would always address the costumer by their first and last name and they would "never ask for your password over the phone or in an email".
Just like the Trusted Agents for insurance we chose last year, the four we have selected now have the most number of branches across the country and have the capability to handle the costumers.
Boal first heard about the opening at Pacific Northwest Ballet--before Kent Stowell and Francia Russell officially announced their retirement--from PNB costumer Mark Zappone, an old friend who had been best man at Boal's wedding to former NYCB dancer Kelly Cass.
Magic Kingdom Costumer Sondra Huber offers step-by-step instructions on how to make a festive butterfly and a charming Peter Pan outfit.
But the name on everyone's lips wasn't famed costumer Colleen Atwood, who won for ``Memoirs of a Geisha.
DIED: Costumer and gay activist Lee Brewster, 57, from cancer, in New York City, May 19.
2 -- color) Peggy Hager, as the Bride of the Monster, gets her hair done by costumer Susana Bazaldua.
Throughout this preparation, I would normally rely on two stalwart good friends who had worked with Nik and me for many years: Frank Garcia, designer, costumer, archivist, and long-trusted companion, who died suddenly this year, and Tito del Saz, who became co-director of the Nikolais/Louis Foundation this year, and without whom I would never have begun this project.
Sublimely over-the-top costumer Bob Mackie gets his due with an exhibition a book, and, above all, a launch party
With their shredded clothes (splendid work by costumer Michael Krass) and smooth, bantering dynamics, Ullman, Sam Murphy, Greg Roman, Trevor Peterson, Adam Rose and, later, Josh Sussman create a kind of life force that gives ``Dead End'' what little plot strength it possesses.
Care was also lavished on the stage picture: Beverly Emmons adapted the original lighting of Jean Rosenthal, and costumer Russell Vogler and his staff restored the dancers' attire to an earlier dignity and freshness.
For performers seeking audiences he was the costumer for choreographer Michael Clark's exquisite dances who finally overwhelmed all elegance by his own stampeding, mannered, egotistic presence.